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Dual boot Win7/OSX using Chameleon


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So, I've successfully got both OSX and Windows 7 running on my pc.

The thing is that I haven't managed to setup Chameleon yet, so the only way for me to boot into any of the OS's is using the OSX install usb I made. (That has Chameleon installed).


How do I go about setting up Chameleon without having to repartition the disk? I've tried doing it manually but I always end up getting:

"boot0: done"

"boot0: error"


Since Win7 was installed first the disk probably has a MBR setup, instead of a GUID partition table, which may be causing my problems?


The disk layout is as following (from diskutil list, there is only one disk):


0: FDisk_partition_scheme------------------------*500.1 GB----disk0

1: 0x1C----------------------------------------------------15.7 GB------disk0s1 (Restore partition that came with the pc)

2: Windows_NTFS----------OS-------------------- 125.0 GB--- disk0s2

3: Windows_NTFS----------Data-------------------322.1 GB----disk0s3

4: Apple_HFS-------------- Mac OSX 10.6.3----37.2 GB------disk0s5

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try this (this is how i set mine up and it works fine)


make sure that the windows 7 disk in plugged in first, then the OSX disk


boot into windows 7 and install EasyBCD 2


click the and and entry option and select the Mac OS tab, then add an entry for OSX EFI and press save


reboot and see if it works, if not try different combinations

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