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Customize the Background & Logo Empire EFI

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Hi all!




I customized Empire EFI ISO latest version, in order to get my custom kexts for my machine.

But I notices one thing, In this newer version the "Darth Vader" picture in a white background doesnt appear anymore.



Well, this Is my question.


How can I get again the Darth Vader logo "In the DVD", not installed on the machine.

I dont do this for Star Wars, cuz I'm not a Star Wars Fan.



Once get this function agin, I'll replace the Darth Vader picture with a Matrix Scene (in my case, for my sister's DVD Loader, I'll plan to use a Hello Kity in the background).



I've compared both images, old EmpireEFI and new Empire EFi, and I replaced the logos, I saw scripts but are exactly the same configuration.


What Am I wrong.

Thanks. :P

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