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Snow Leopard not detecting any PCI cards


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I finally managed to install iAtkos S3 v2 (Snow Leopard 10.6.3) on my desktop. So far, everything is working great!

The only issue I am having is that SL doesn't seem to detect or recognise any of my PCI cards. It recognises my PCI-e graphics card fine, but my 2 PCI cards (Linksys wmp54gs v1.1 and SB Audigy LS) are not showing up in System Profiler. The Linksys Wmp54gs isn't being detected by Airport either. Although many users reported the Wmp54gs v1.1 as working out of the box.


I have tried using modified 64bit version of Chunnan's IOPCIFAMILY.KEXT's from this post [here], but they gave me Kernel Panics.

I've also looked into Chunnan's IOPCIFAMILY.KEXT's from this post [here], but I didn't try it since it doesn't work in 64bit.


I'm getting a feeling that Chunnan's fix is for laptops only(?)

I'm using a desktop, so maybe that's a problem.


Does anyone have any insight to this issue?

Again, any help would be appreciated!




iAtkos S3 v2 Snow Leopard 10.6.3

Intel Core2 Quad Q6600

Intel BadAxe2 d975xbx2 motherboard

4GB OCZ Platinum RAM 800

nVidia 8800 GTX

320GB Seagate HDD

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Use IORegistryExplorer if you want to see how the OS sees your PCI cards and other devices that reside on the motherboard PCI bus.


It seems to me that System Profiler only shows hardware that has a driver loaded for it, and even then sometimes it will not show anything - this is most common with on-board audio, System Profiler will show "no built-in audio" but everything works.


You can't use the Audigy on 64-bit Snow Leopard, there is no 64-bit driver for it. I can't see immediately if it'll work in 32-bit mode either - probably not, looks like it's Leopard only:



You can use 'device properties strings' generated with gfxutil to have PCI devices show in System Profiler. There's also a way to do it via DSDT. Ultimately it's just cosmetic so don't let it bother you too much.


If you can find a driver that works with your wireless ethernet, it will show up in System Profiler under Network.

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