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Anyone succeed in getting 10.4.6 installed on HP nc6220?


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I use the Jas 10.4.6 install dvd and install from VMware to a type AF partition created with acronis partition expert. And in VM, all the setting regarding HDD is "use physical disk" and "persistent". Installation is fine. When I boot again, I use the chain0 initially but it wont work, the screen just flashes once and gets back to the ntldr boot menu. And modify the com.apple.boot.plist inside the mac partition to get the darwin loader working.


But when I try to boot into 10.4.6, with -v, it stucked in "still wait for root device" in native mode, or "kernel panic" in VMware.


I know for those laptops, ppl should use sort of loop thru in RGB to get the correct display on the LCD screen of laptop. But does it relate with the root device thing?


Any suggestions? I ever installed 10.4.5 perfectly onto P4 630, MSI 945G-Neo, SATA drive using the same Vmware to native method. But now it just wont boot. I checked the HCL and forum, the nc6220 should be ok for osx86, but I dont know why it stucks in the root device. If you using nc6220, please give me some advice. :tomato:


Thanks in advance!

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