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  1. Thanks Roberto! I finally figured out if I use the windows 7 boot loader to boot my leopard. The usb wont work. Dont know whether such there is a fix or not. Googling... I would try to use chameleon later.
  2. Thanks roberto, in this case, i.e. loading the /Extra/Extentions, must I use Chameleon to load the OSX? I am now using just Darwin. Also, seems my USB is not working... Any clue to load which fixes? Thanks alot!
  3. I get the exact package from the official site. But i ran it and it installed the VoodooPS2controller.kext into /System/Library/Extensions/ How to load it into Extra/Extentions.mkext as commented by the installation guide on the official site?
  4. With ApplePS2controller.kext I could not make scrolling working in Leopard. And then I tried to load VoodooPS2 but it just start outputing lots of "@^" to the terminal the mouse and keyboard did not work.... So I want to make clear whether VoodooPS2 only works with Snow Leopard or can work with Leopard?
  5. Really? Thanks robert, but your package for Snow Leopard or Leopard? I only loaded Leopard so far.
  6. HP 8530w Anyone?

    you still can wake up after the machine goes into sleep in OSx? My 8530W would hang if entering sleep. Also, did your QE/CI work? I could see CI works as "Software" but QE is marked as not supported. BTW, in your leopard, did the scrolling works in your touch pad? Me struggling...
  7. I am almost done... now struggling... I need to check something with the user of this 8530w. Any info is helpful! 1. SD card reader, is it working from the start? It seems not working here 2. QE support in FX770M. From the system profiler, the QE is not supported and CI is Software. I am using NVinject 0.2.1. But the panel resolution is now native, i.e. 1680x1050. 3. Sleep, is it working? My 8530W will hang when into the sleep mode. Thanks a lot!
  8. I think yesterday, the forum got some database problem. The symtom would be I could only get in the system with DVD bootloader and the bootflag as "rd=disk0s2". Any clue on this?
  9. [How to] HP NC6220 10.5.5

    I tried the iDeneb 1.4 on my nc6220. The WLAN of my nc6220 is different from yours, it is intel 2200. But the rest should be similar. However, my system just cant boot in "still waiting for root device" if I directly boot into hdd using hdd's bootloader. But it can boot with DVD boot loader (with the switch "rd=disk0s2" to point to my hdd partition where leopard is". This is wierd. I replaced the IOATAFamily.kext even with the one I extracted from 10.4.5. But this is not helping. I havent tried XxX distribution yet. Do you have similar symptom before? Also, after installation,would you need the external mornitor to be connected to make the system bootable everytime? My nc6220 could install Tiger without much problems than Leopard. Many many thanks!
  10. HP Compaq NC6220 Topic

    I had the iPC universal 10.5.6. But the install disc would not load on this machine. It would turn out to be a blue screen with the -v bootup switch. If I have the -x switch, booting from the iPC universal 10.5.6 would shutdown the nc6220 eventually. Anybody has the similar experience?
  11. Kalway on HPxw8200

    Now it keeps rebooting. I am using iPC 10.5.6 Final disk.... Dont know what device is faulty. even if with -v switch on, it is just too fast for me to catch the last error. Any body got similar experience before? Many many thanks!
  12. Kalway on HPxw8200

    How you get the raptor (SCSI HDD) to work under Leopard? It was not recognized under Tiger.