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iDeneb 1.5.1 Help


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I install iDeneb 1.5.1 and Chameleon bootloader didn't seem to work.

I am Multi booting Windows 7 and Ubuntu, when my system starts up I still get the grub2 bootloader and can not load my os/x partiton even though Ubuntu does see it and the files.


Is there anyway of installing Chameleon from Ubuntu or windows 7?

or even adding it to my Grub2, if worse comes to worse can i reinstall grub2 to add it? (even though I'd love to have Chameleon)


if this information is needed my OS/X Partition is disk0s2 55GB

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I just did this (the mistake). Install GParted partition manager on Ubuntu.


sudo apt-get install gparted


Open GParted and right-click the partition that contains your OSx86 install. In the drop-down menu, click "manage flags". In the new window, check the "boot" section. Reboot, and the default bootloader included with iDeneb will load. From there you can install Chameleon. MAKE SURE YOU USE THE FDISK INCLUDED IN THE FOLDER OR WATCH YOUR PARTITION TABLE DIE!!! (just made that mistake as well)


Note: You may want to remove GParted after installing as it is a very powerful partition manager.


Note #2: You may want to run (in Ubuntu):


sudo update-grub


and that should put an option for "Mac OSX" in GRUB2. Chameleon is probably a better bootloader though.


Note #3: To undo this (make your default bootloader GRUB2) repeat the steps except select the partition that has Ubuntu on it

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