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HPET map device registers failed

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Recently I was trying to get my HPET work, but it seems to be impossible. Without IRQs in my DSDT my USB devices are not working (two ports work but terribly slow), and HPET is loaded (IRQ 0b, 14, 15). When I add IRQNoFlags to the HPET in my DSDT I always get


HPET: map device registers failed


and there is no AppleHPET in my ioreg. Now, I was investigating, and I know that my HPET needs 3 IRQs. But it seems that almost all IRQs in my system are occupied (talking about 0-15 range). In fact I can allocate IRQ 00 and 0d, but all others are used. I disabled IRQs in my MATH, IPIC, RTC and TIMR devices, but same again (interesting, power-button uses IRQ 02 even when I remove it from IPIC). IRQ 08 is being used by some Intel Corporation Mobile PM965/GM965 PT IDER Controller.


Do you have any idea how can I enable HPET in my system?


Thank you in advance!


P.S. HPETEnabler.kext by netkas works, with HPET working, but I simply can't understand why ...

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