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  1. ACPIThermal driver development.

    T=2892 (16C) is the same problem for me. Anyone could post Lion working DSDT of some HP Compaq model? I want to find there is the problem. Best regards, --py
  2. ACPIThermal driver development.

    Can anybody post its DSDT, which is working with ACPIThermal (as I said, my dsdt is almost the same as 65xx series DSDT). In windows I checked fields within OperationRegion, theyre correct ...
  3. ACPIThermal driver development.

    OK, so far I just want driver to report properly TMP value in IOREG (so just added empty EAL/DALs and set _ACx to zero). After that I will plug in fan control code. KPs gone. But, my TMP is always 16, because C0EE method always return 0 (even with 16-bit fix you already suggested on 6520 thread). I tried your 64-bit driver, but it still returns 0. I examined the C0EE code but have no idea why it returns 0 (maybe it cannot access operating region?!) ... Best regards,
  4. ACPIThermal driver development.

    I'm using them (all vanilla, 10.7.2). In fact, I tried to resolve problem, and I currently have two problems (and will try to fix them): * CRT and AL* functions are panicking (most probably in TZ2, which manages graphics). By extracting those values on windows I'm able to proceed (they shoudl be constants all the time). * TMP always returns 16. I'll try to implement ThirdSmile's 16-bit fix, and post results here. Crappy HP DSDT ... :@
  5. ACPIThermal driver development.

    Yes. Why?
  6. ACPIThermal driver development.

    Sorry, it seems that my DSDT is much more crappy than I expected. I managed to get driver working (TMP not working, and some methods causing KPs on ACPIPlatform ...)
  7. ACPIThermal driver development.

    Hi juanerson! Thanks, I solved KP, but driver won't load (it cannot allocate AppleACPIThermalZone class). Of course, setting IOClass to anything else (like ACPIThermal, as default) yields the same KP.
  8. ACPIThermal driver development.

    Hello, Third Smile! First, thank you for this driver. Now, I have KP with this driver (no specific info, just kernel trap blah blah). I implemented EAL/DALs as you've said, and I also examined source, but I could nto find any error which could cause KP. I'll attach my DSDT (8710p, but same BIOS and DSDT as in 65xx series). CPU is Penryn, but I think it should not be of any significant value here (as I drop SSDT's and include TZ SSDT with my DSDT). Best regards, --py DSDT.txt
  9. HP Compaq 8710p guide

    It worked for me, but haven't used 10.6.7.
  10. HP Compaq 8710p guide

    I did not use battery kext. Have no idea
  11. HP Compaq 8710p guide

    nawcom's GM patch + usb bootable stick from installesd/basesystem dmg's in virtual machine. lengthy process. check google, there are plenty tutorials (use dp4 or gm tut, but no dp1/2 as procedure is different).
  12. HP Compaq 8710p guide

    I reinstalled system. Drivers should work, I just tested VoodooHDA and FakeSMC. DSDT is pretty much same.
  13. HP Compaq 8710p guide

    lion works even better than sl. but for me, overheating is an issue to which i have no solution, so i dropped mac os x while ago.
  14. PS/2 keyboard

    Well, I guess that's a good workaround. In case you possess USB keyboard (finally time to get one ) Thank you,
  15. PS/2 keyboard

    Hello! After installing Lion GM, I can't pass welcome screen. Stuck with "waiting for mouse/keyboard". Strange thing tis that both works (I can move pointer via touchpad etc). Yes, my keyb/mouse is PS/2, and I am using VoodooPS2Controller. Any ideas how to fix this one? Thanks,