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 Hack OS X CD Boot AMD/Intel

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we all would love more informations:


what is it exactly? The site you're referring is in brazilian portuguese so many people wouldn't understand.

What is it for?

On what is it based?

For what OS?

For which platform?

etc. etc. etc.



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Well, this CD Boot was based in Empire EFI, but, was assembled from scratch.

Theme and icons, from "google images search" hehehe.

The kernel inside the iso, is the first Modbin Snow Leopard modfied kernel for AMD (10.0.0)

And, the tools, a simple search in google.

"arch=1386" Sorry, this is a invalid boot.plist, it don't works! The real boot.plist is inside Preboot.img.

Please, if you find some errors send-me a feedback.

Sobre o abraço pro K.I.S.S., pode deixar.. hehehe


About smbios.plist:

Isn't work too, the boot.plist and smbios.plist need stay inside preeboot.dmg.

Maybe, some guys will get ACPI Errors.

But, how I say, if you have some problem, send the feedback.

With your feedback, we can rebuild a better Boot CD!


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