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OSX 10.4.6 on AMD box


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Hi all,


I had successfully natively installed OSX 10.4.6 using the MacOSX_10.4.6_GoatsecxDVD.iso on my AMD box and I'm very, very happy but I need some help on issues like onboard sound, sata & network.


Here's my setup:


-OSX 10.4.6 w/SSE3 only patch

-AMD64 3500+ E6 Venice core

-K8NGM2-L Motherboard NVidia NForce 410/Geforce 6100 chipset.

-Sony RW DVD

-Old Seagate 20GB ATA HDD

-1GB DDR400

-17" Optiquest monitor @ 1280x1024 75Hz using onbard GeForce6100 (working fine thanks to macvidia driver)

-Old D-Link pci network card, onbaord nic not working at all.

-Onboard SATA not working

-Onboard ALC880 audio not working.


As I said I'm very happy but I want my onboard audio to work, onboard SATA and nic would be a plus but I'm not concerned about those items yet, so if someone has some tip to make audio to work It would be great.


Thanks in advance.

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Nforce 4 sata is very unstable (last time i checked). Onboard nic should work with forcedeth (search for the forums for this). Also, ALC880 works from nforce4 boards (again, search the forums). Both of these issues have been worked on extensively already.

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