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  1. Ignacio

    TSC sync XNU patch

    I fixed the 1Ghz issue, reinstalled from Kalyway 10.5.2 DVD and selected the SpeedStep kerne, the patched after install, everything is so smooth now!
  2. Ignacio

    TSC sync XNU patch

    Thanks OUI!!! (and everyone involved on this fix) I just replaced my kernel with the patched kernel (9.2), added the flag to the Boot file and voilà, got both cores running on my Dell 640m Core2Duo T7200, the problem is that they seem to be running at 1Ghz instead of 2Ghz, any advise? Thanks again.
  3. Hi, I'm a happy owner of a Dell 640m running OSX 10.4.10 smoothly from a USB hdd, besides some minor issues (like no audio) everything's working fine and as I said, I'm happy The only issue is the cpus=1 boot option in order to get my core 2 duo cpu working and I was wondering if someone knows if in the future it would be a patch for enabling both cores so, will Core 2 Duo Dells be able to use both cores somewhere in the future? Thanks in advance, Ignacio.
  4. Thks, but, what about the OSX Version/Kernel? Which one should I install?
  5. Hi, I'm about to buy a Dell m640, core 2 duo T5500, Intel GMA950 and Dell wireless 1930 and I wnated to know what version should I install for better performance. I'd like to have QE/CI support and network support at least. Also, do any of you own this model or another similar? If so, how does it perform? Many thanks in advance.
  6. Ignacio

    OSX 10.4.6 on AMD box

    Now I got working output sound, no input yet. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...6&hl=alc880
  7. Ignacio

    Driver for nForce4 LAN

    What model of MSI motherboard do you have? I own the K8NGM2-L and would be great If I can make the onboard lan to work. BTW, I'm not sure what driver to download, so, can you please attach the one you're using ? Thanks in advance.
  8. Ignacio

    OSX 10.4.6 on AMD box

    Hi all, I had successfully natively installed OSX 10.4.6 using the MacOSX_10.4.6_GoatsecxDVD.iso on my AMD box and I'm very, very happy but I need some help on issues like onboard sound, sata & network. Here's my setup: -OSX 10.4.6 w/SSE3 only patch -AMD64 3500+ E6 Venice core -K8NGM2-L Motherboard NVidia NForce 410/Geforce 6100 chipset. -Sony RW DVD -Old Seagate 20GB ATA HDD -1GB DDR400 -17" Optiquest monitor @ 1280x1024 75Hz using onbard GeForce6100 (working fine thanks to macvidia driver) -Old D-Link pci network card, onbaord nic not working at all. -Onboard SATA not working -Onboard ALC880 audio not working. As I said I'm very happy but I want my onboard audio to work, onboard SATA and nic would be a plus but I'm not concerned about those items yet, so if someone has some tip to make audio to work It would be great. Thanks in advance.
  9. Gracias por la respuesta. Voy a probar instalando sin la actualización a 10.4.5, ahora, al parche de SSE3 no lo he visto para seleccionar.
  10. Hola a todos. Tengo un problema con la instalación de OSX usando la imágen ISO MacOSX_10.4.4DVDPATCHED_Myz.iso. Ya tengo un post en inglés pero hasta ahora nadie ha podido ayudarme así que recurro a la solidaridad de los hispanoparlantes (o cualquiera que entienda español). El post original es http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=13376 y resumiendo dice que no logré instalar nativo usando la imágen ISO mencionada y que si pude instalar y correr sin problemas bajo VMWare. El problema es que luego de reiniciar y bootear desde el disco duro donde instalé el OSX la PC se reinicia luego de un rato, el proceso de arranque comienza y muestra por pantalla (modo texto) muchas líneas de debug y llega un momento que cambia el modo de pantalla a un estilo de texto gráfico y en ese momento se reinicia la PC. Tal vez alguien ya ha visto este comportamieto y pueda darme una mano, tal vez existe algún archivo de log donde pueda ver en qué preciso instante se reinicia la PC ya que ninguna de las opciones del proceso de arranque, -v, -f, -x, platform=ACPI, platform=OSXPC y sus combinaciones ayuda a que el proceso se detenga, solamente se reinicia. Mis especificaciones de hardware son: -AMD64 3500+ Venice Core Rev. E6 (SSE3) -MSI MS7207 motherboard NVIDIA ® C51G (GeForce6100) + NVIDIA ® MCP51 (MCP410) Chipset. -1GB DDR400 -20GB Quantum ATA HDD (for OSX) -120GB WD SATA HDD (Windows XP) -SONY DVD RW drive -USB Mouse -USB Keyboard -17" Optiquest LCD Monitor Desde ya muchas gracias.
  11. ¿Could you solve this? I'm facing a similar problem :-( Thanks.
  12. Thanks, I'll try it tonight at home.
  13. I think it does start the boot process and fails loading a driver or something like that. I'm an OSX newbie and I'm not able to find boot log files, so, does someone knows where boot log files are located? Also is there any way to boot in "terminal" mode? Thanks.
  14. Hi, thanks for this guide, I followed each step and I was able to install OSX on my PC using VMWare. However, I could't yet boot natively using my HDD because once the boot process starts It reboots the PC after a few seconds. Here is my orginal post: http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=13376 . The native process starts in text mode and displays tons of messages, then switches to a kind of graphical text mode, shows some text lines and then it reboots the PC, it doesn't stops, it justs reboots the PC, so ¿is there any way I can detect the failure? ¿is there any log file I could check when booting from VMWare? Thanks in advance.
  15. Ignacio

    Intermittent Boot Problem

    Thanks, but I'm on AMD64 :-(