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Reinstall, now slower boot?


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When I installed Snow Leo for the first time, I updated one patch at a time as they came out untill 10.6.4. Booting up OSX was the fastest boot on my system, faster than Windows XP which only had to load 16 processes, and faster than Ubuntu.


Now, I reinstalled in an attempt to fix some issues (to no avail), and I'm experiencing something strange.


I started with 10.6.0 and used a combo update to 10.6.4 instead of doing one patch at a time. I reinstalled all of the exact same kexts, however now booting is much slower.


It hangs at "waiting for DSMOS..." for about 10 seconds, it never used to do this before.


Also, shutdown/reboot is considerably slower than it used to be.


Here's what I'm using:


Motherboard: M3A78-EM (ATIATA.kext for chipset)

AMD Athlon X2 +6000 (XNu 10.4.0 AMD kernel)

don't think much more is important...



FakeSMC 2.5 (do I need to remove STOCK AppleRTC?)

Boot file by JAS for 4670 DVI Out (not a kext, haha)


That is exactly the same setup I had last time, however everything is slower.


If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I would love to know them.

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