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  1. [WORKING] ATI Radeon HD 4670 (10.6.4)

    You just put the boot file in the root of your OSX hard drive.
  2. Figured out a problem I'm having. Snow Leopard boots up and runs perfectly fine using two cores, however graphics intensive apps freeze and stop running. Booting with cpus=1 solves the problem, however using only one core is substantially slower. I'm running an AMD dual core, using the Qoopz/Nawcom 10.4.0 kernel. I'm not sure if the problem is due to this booter, or the kernel. I'm assuming it's the kernel.
  3. Boot times for you Hackintosh

    Jees, Core2Duo's are considered outdated? I hate technology, I'm sittin here cruising with a several-year-old Athlon X2. Hahaha.
  4. bump... really? NOBODY else has this problem?
  5. Same problem here, I just download off the website.
  6. My system runs (relatively) fine using both cores of my AMD X2 processer. Both cores show up and display activity in Activity Monitor. However, I've realized some problems. Many graphics-intensive apps freeze. For example, Quartz visualizers in iTunes, and the Sims 3. I've found that booting with cpus=1 completely fixes this problem, at the cost of drastically slower performance. Has anybody else experienced this? And is there a different way to go about fixing it, so I can use both cores? I am using the Qoopz/Nawcom 10.4.0 kernel on 10.6.4.
  7. Quartz visualizers freeze?

    It seems booting with cpus=1 is letting it run, maybe there is some problem with CPU core synch? I guess I'll just have to wait for Qoopz to release the next kernel.
  8. When I installed Snow Leo for the first time, I updated one patch at a time as they came out untill 10.6.4. Booting up OSX was the fastest boot on my system, faster than Windows XP which only had to load 16 processes, and faster than Ubuntu. Now, I reinstalled in an attempt to fix some issues (to no avail), and I'm experiencing something strange. I started with 10.6.0 and used a combo update to 10.6.4 instead of doing one patch at a time. I reinstalled all of the exact same kexts, however now booting is much slower. It hangs at "waiting for DSMOS..." for about 10 seconds, it never used to do this before. Also, shutdown/reboot is considerably slower than it used to be. Here's what I'm using: Motherboard: M3A78-EM (ATIATA.kext for chipset) AMD Athlon X2 +6000 (XNu 10.4.0 AMD kernel) don't think much more is important... Kexts: FakeSMC 2.5 (do I need to remove STOCK AppleRTC?) Boot file by JAS for 4670 DVI Out (not a kext, haha) That is exactly the same setup I had last time, however everything is slower. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I would love to know them.
  9. I'm actually having a few strange issues. 1. I use the Windows bootloader-it's simple and clean. When I select to boot OSX, RIGHT before Chameleon loads, a message is flashed that says "Unsupported chipset" and a lot more that I can't make out because it dissappears quick. It still boots fine, but any idea what that is? 2. I have Snow set to load on a 3 sec timeout. If I want to manually enter boot flags, I have to interrupt the countdown twice, where as with stock Chameleon, I only have to press a key once. Make sense? and any idea here? 3. Any Quartz visualizers run in iTunes freeze shortly after starting them, quitting and restarting iTunes lets me run it for another few seconds before it freezes. Also, if I try and play Sims 3, the screen freezes during the intro videos, and the sound loops a half second clip indefinitely (I can mac-equivelent alt-tab out and force quit the program). It's not my sound drivers, as iTunes has no problems playing music, and also I removed the sound kext and still had the same issues. If there's ANY sort of info for this stuff, please let me know.
  10. SB700, ALC1200 (888?)

    I have an M3a78-EM motherboard (AMD chipset 780G and SB700). Specs say it has an ALC1200, but many people say it's an ALC888. Regardless, I have tried a tenfold of kexts and NONE work, other than AzaliaAudio. And even that kext doesn't work well, i'm pretty sure it's the lead cause between all the problems I'm having on my system. Does anybody have a solution? Oh, and DSDT patching doesn't work for me, with the GUI I get more than 200 errors.
  11. Quartz visualizers freeze?

    Well {censored}. I found a CPUID.txt patch file, and it fixed the problem. Then iTunes started giving me problems about a corrupt library file. ( I share between OSX and Win7) So I reinstalled itunes, the problem came back, even after patching the cpuids again.
  12. 4670 Working in 10.6.4

    The 4650 and 4670 require different methods to get working, I believe, so try looking around for a 4650 thread.
  13. Quartz visualizers freeze?

    Is this problem really that hopeless? I'm fairly certain that the crash is caused by the Quartz Composer Visualizer.bundle. My guess is that file is sort of a "driver" to allow quartz compositions to be used as visualizers. Does anybody else on AMD have this problem?
  14. Quartz visualizers freeze?

    I've got newest iTunes, yeah. I've noticed that the only way iTunes finds the visualizers is if i put "Quartz Composer Visualizers.bundle" in /Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins/. (it might be /System/....) I've tried taking the individual visualizers from /System/Library/Compositions and putting them in various places, but no go unless the .bundle file is in the Plugins folder. Also, the visualizer works just fine in Quartz Composer.
  15. 4670 Working in 10.6.4

    There is also a .boot by JAS that gives DVI out on this card, with stock kexts. It's on this site somewhere- Google can help find it