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line in or mic, not both!


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i've got applehda.kext working on vostro 1500 stac 9205.


i'm using a vanilla applehda, a legacy kext with config data, layouts and pathmaps, and a dsdt with pin configs.



i can always get spdif out, speaker and headphone.....but depending which way i setup the pathmaps,


i either get internal mic working, or line in working.



both never work together, although sometimes i can get two devices to show up.


one will work, but the other will be 'unknown'



i know i have the right information, as i can get both inputs to work perfectly,,,,but just not together..




is there a trick i've missed? i'm guessing the solution is solved by the way the nodes are laid out in pathmaps?!??


thanks in advance.

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