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Sandisk Sansa m240 MP3 player


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I used to use Windows Media Player in XP to sync with above mentioned player. I could create various playlist, manage my library, etc. Can someone tell me a replacement that would work.


I just plugged in the player into the USB port and saw this on "About this MAC"


  Capacity:	974.53 MB
 Removable Media:	Yes
 Detachable Drive:	Yes
 BSD Name:	disk2
 Version:	2.10
 Bus Power (mA):	500
 Speed:	Up to 480 Mb/sec
 Manufacturer:	SanDisk APIC
 OS9 Drivers:	No
 Product ID:	0x7400
 Serial Number:	ABCD1C5C1A380330
 S.M.A.R.T. status:	Not Supported
 Vendor ID:	0x0781


So it's being reconize, now what? Sandisk has no software on their site.





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the solution for your problem is quite simple you can use the software called XNJB it is expressely for mtp based mp3player like my philips hd gogear 6gb , with this software i'm able to load music and photo on the player!!!!


it works flawlessy.



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