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    Leopard on nx6110?

    Hi, i'm just finish to install leopard on the hp nx6110... well i used ideneb 1.3 (10.5.5) installation ad hoc with ichxfixed , acpi-fix. For boot the dvd i had press f8 for more option and start with the flag -f -v After the installation boot from dvd with the flag rd=disk0s1 and install the appleintagratedframebuffer.kext of this thread http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=142108 Reboot at it's boot without problem or flags. For now i didin't test anything except the usb that works -.- i hope i help you and sorry for my english
  2. i hava a hp zd2000 with ati x600 in software only mode how i can get the QE/ CI working and the quartz extreme. can you please help. thanks

  3. try to search into the forum pavillion graphic extension it is written for 10.4.8 but worked perfect for me in leo. i've got a 1400x900 with core image, i'm working on quartz extreme
  4. kikay

    Sandisk Sansa m240 MP3 player

    here's the link http://www.wentnet.com/projects/xnjb/
  5. kikay

    Sandisk Sansa m240 MP3 player

    the solution for your problem is quite simple you can use the software called XNJB it is expressely for mtp based mp3player like my philips hd gogear 6gb , with this software i'm able to load music and photo on the player!!!! it works flawlessy. .kikay.
  6. ciao , anche io ho un pavillion zd8000, sono riuscito a far funzionare tutto tranne la porta s-video della scheda (ati radeon x600pcie 256mb 3150) a qualcuno di voi funziona? se si con quali kext? io ho usato le zd8000 graphic extensions che si trovano nel forum è sono riuscito ad ottenere una risoluzione di 1400x900 con qe e CI abilitati, devo solo riuscire a disabilitare permanentemente beamsync che sul mio pc produce uno strano fischio quando muovo il mouse se è attivato.
  7. kikay

    [How To] Solutions for Video Problems

    hey ratanplan for the x600 mobility ce search this forum for "zd 8000 extensions" and you will find a external site that have the zd8000 graphics extensions a.k.a. the x600 mobility pcie driver, for enable QE and CI search the forum and use "Quartz Simple", disable beamsync to avoid a whistle when you move the mouse (it start when you enable QE and CI. for the s-video tvout nothing to do now but i'm found an application from ati site "ati display control panel" that install a new kext called ATITVout.kext i'll working on this but i'm not sure about to do if someone is interested in help me in this work is very appreciated so we can have a fully working video card. P.S. also both method to permanently disable beamsync won't work for me even the temporary solution with quartz simple, also help to set this would be appreciated. Thanks at all for this great forum and for all the help with configurations . 3mend0 & kikay