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Case-report : How I get full support of QC/QI with AGP 2400 hd and dvi output.


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My graphic card:

Powercolor Radeon HD 2400Pro AGP 256MB (64 bit ddr2)

Version: 0x94c4


First clean install of Leopard 10.5.6 (9G66) (retail).

Then :

ATI Radeon HD 2400Pro AGP 10.5.6 - 10.5.x.pkg

from LastExile



At this point QE/CI was ok but only with DVI/VGA adaptator.


Then I remember that I've read that the output was determined by the framebuffer (with this pkg here natit tells to use Iago) and that people have the hd 2600 dvi output with the Megalodon framebuffer.


To test I've copied the natit.kext to the chameleon Extra/Extension folder, open the info.plist and use textedit to change every occurence of "Iago" to "Megalodon".


First I reboot and test the vga output (directly not the dvi/vga one): work with QE/CI for the first time.

I reboot and test the dvi output (directly not the dvi/vga one): work with QE/CI for the first time.

Then I've test the TV-output: dual display also works perfectly.


This solution is not complicated but doesn't seem to be report in the forum.


NB: if you use AGPgart you could eventually keep it, I tried with and without and it change nothing but the profiler will report AGP. I didn't make benchmark but it doesn't seem to change performance at all.

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