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  1. Graphics Card Identification

    It's sandy bridge gt1 mobile version, also know as HD2000.
  2. Hi, I'm interested in getting feedback from people who have tried to activate HD2000 with Mountain Lion 10.8.3, so if you have tried please tell me: your bootloader, its version, the option you used your chipset ID (8086:0102, ...) the properties you injected and how DSDT, property string... the result (hang, corruption...) I remember I was abble to get QE/CI working with Lion but I was hitting "ring error..." after 2-3 minutes everytime, as 10.8.3 drivers seems more complete I think it may be interesting to get feedback before I eventually try something. Thanks.
  3. You have to sold theses machines and buy something else.
  4. AppleIntelE1000.kext

    I have to use VM to run puredarwin, this version based on 10.5.8 source is 100% open-source and support only ATA disk which I don't have (USB work only with ACPI platform expert and SATA driver are not open-source). http://smuckola.org/projects/puredarwin/Puredarwin-darwin_9.8-version_9L30.qcow2.xz This is the first version of puredarwin with networking but there was only one (open source) network driver working : RTL8139 and it's qemu only. I tried to hack your E1000 kext but I didn't know much about network drivers at this time... As pcnet is supported by qemu and virtualbox I first ported the myxomycota OS pcnet driver as it's a very simple driver it was very fast to port. Then I searched an old version of pcnet for linux (before the switch to their new network api) and ported it (sort of). Well at this time I come back to E1000 and make it works in puredarwin in like 5min which is good because it's supported by qemu, vbox and vmware. I also find out there is a very old PCNet.kext from maxuss (!!!) but he never released the source.
  5. AppleIntelE1000.kext

    Thanks. Is sourceforge.net your primary repo ? If so I will compile from source when it's updated and I'll give you feedback here. PS : btw I used your kompat.h for a pcnet32 driver. You can take a look here if you're interested, just don't look the promiscious/multicast method it's garbage for now. http://code.google.c...for-puredarwin/
  6. AppleIntelE1000.kext

    Hello hnak, I hope you're still reading this thread. This year I've been giving puredarwin a try, an something that's laking is driver support as puredarwin cannot use apples' proprietary drivers. Puredarwin is actually based on darwin 9, so leopard driver are compatibles. Actually your AppleIntelE1000.kext is not working as it. If your ok to continue to support leopard I propose you a patch. It's based on the svn revision 45. It does 2 things : - remove flashPCIAddress as it's not used in the driver ( I guess it's from E1000E). - change allocation of IOBufferMemoryDescriptor from inTaskWithPhysicalMask to withOptions method for tx_ring and rx_ring. I don't really understand why this doesn't work with inTaskWithPhysicalMask, normally your way is the recommended way but it fails on leopard. The patch : http://codetidy.com/paste/raw/3999 or here:AppleIntelE1000-45.p1.patch.zip If you're not interested by theses changes just tell me.
  7. AppleIntelE1000.kext

    Developement is active, see : http://osx86drivers.sourceforge.net/
  8. This doesn't seem specific to mountain lion, unless you install nullcpupowermanagement.kext or have a patched bios/dsdt or have a real mac you will 100% time have this panic. PS: Another option is to install a compatible bootloader Clover with Aptio fix seems compatible with CPU power management, and you're lucky Asus P67 is compatible See : http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=2428 Good luck.
  9. Dans ce cas essaies avec un chameleon plus récent, je te conseille: http://www.insanelym...howtopic=278638 C'est le chameleon du développeur ErmaC qui est à jour et de bonne qualité, je l'ai testé avec 10.5.8 et c'est ok. PS: si tu ne comprends pas l'italien il dit juste que c'est sa version de chaméléon, à jour, avec inclusion de toutes les corrections qui lui semblent intéressantes et qu'elle s'appelle Enoch. Comme l'a trés justement fait remarqué Fantomas je t'ai répondu un peu "vite" l'autre jour, j'espère que ça pourra qd même t'aider. édit modérateur:
  10. -> Si tu veux juste pouvoir choisir ta résolution (je ne pense pas que tu puisses avoir plus), essaies de voir du côté du radeonHD.kext (cherches radeonhd sur ce site). -> Si tu installes avec un pkg il devrait te demander ton mot de passe à un moment... si tu copie un "boot" essaies en ligne de commande.... copie le "boot" sur ton Bureau puis Finder->Utilities->Terminal //sauvegarde de l'ancien sudo mv /boot /boot.old //install du nouveau cd Desktop sudo cp ./boot /boot ==> bien sur ne recopies pas simplement ces lignes sans comprendre ce que ça fait sachant qu'une mauvaise manip et tu ne pourras plus rebooter.... -->Ca dépend de ta version de chameleon si elle n'inclues pas le support des thèmes... --> Il semble que la mise en veille marche plutôt rarement sur les h ackintosh mais je ne me suis pas trop penché dessus donc je raconte peut-être des balivernes... Il me sembalit avoir vue passer des sleepEnabler mais je ne suis pas sûr que ça existe pour le léopard.
  11. Radeon HD4770 Solutions

    Support is not perfect, there is (generally small) variation in performance given which kexts/framework you use but sadly if you want perfect support (or Lion support) the best to do is to get an officially supported graphic card. If you are willing to have the best performance you can follow detosx advices(I think it reports its experiments here) but be ready to break your system and to make a lot of test by yourself. If you're willing to not have inverted color you can tweak the personnality of the framebuffer(binary patching and more fun)... it's up to you
  12. Radeon HD4770 Solutions

    "use this card as a HD48xx, even it has another GPU" --> no we say try to use this 4800 kext for this card even if it's not a 4800. The id added will ONLY say to the OS to try to load the kext if pci hardware with this id is detected. The accel kexts ( ATIRadeonX2000...) make other checks to launch the renderer adapted to the hardware --> rv470 renderer match our card and is functionnal only in 10.6.3, if the adapted renderer is not present you fall back to software renderer, if the renderer is not functionnal you have a kernel panic. The framebuffer kext (Atisupport, Ati4800Controller ...) doesn't make these other checks so if you do some effort you can use them, but it's safer to stick with 10.6.3 if you don't understand what you're doing.
  13. Radeon HD4770 Solutions

    You can read the post where I explain why HD4770 will not work in Lion it will give you some clue, basically there is support for the hd4770 chipset (rv740) only in 10.6.3, didn't was here before and was dropped after. Aty_init work fine, perhaps it'smore simple than choose and use an appropriate chameleon boot file for you For stable result I suggest you use only kexts and opengl frameworh from 10.6.3 combo update. For youtube I can't tell you is it use hardware accel all I know is video is ok in 1080p for me but you may be right.
  14. Nothing to do with the audio, you've got a problem with the firewire, my guess is you install kexts improperly or something else is wrong in your dsdt. Booting in safe mode and repair permission via disk utility could help. If you have a problem with the dsdt you should use HDAEnabler instead.
  15. Are you sure you have ALC887/888b and not standard ALC887 ? If you don't have alc887/888b it will not work for you. You can use voodoohda or wait till someone (with the same motherboard, not my case) figure out how to change the kext which should be possible as you heard scratch.