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i5 Hackintosh for under $900... Need help from a veteran hackintosher. Found the GIGABYTE GA-P55A-UD4P through a newegg wishlist search. Not on Wiki?

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Just curious if someone with experience could look over the below build. I looked through the wiki for matches, but just to be sure that I'm not getting to far in over my head. I'm pretty decent with html, and I've built a couple computers before. So, If there are any stability issues, or other issues that might be foreseen with the install part. Your advice is greatly appreciated. I didn't see the board on the wiki, but I found it through a newegg public wishlist search for Hackintosh. Hackintosh.gif



If anyone has any suggestions please don't hesitate to chime in. I would like to ultimately be able to run Final Cut studio, on Snowleopard. Not sure if the 6gb/s is supported or if there is anything special to do for it to work, but I think with that and the i5 intel. The machine should be screaming :P for the price.... So far at $842... I already have a case, and fans, and such. Also, does anyone know if Bootcamp runs with Hackintosh... I'll search again. Should find something about it.

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First of all, congratulations on your new system. We all know how good it feels setting a new hackmack rig up and I share your enthousiasm.


Secondly and on to the main parts. I personally set up OSX the Kakewalk method (check the forums under OSX installation) and I am very very VERY happy with this installation method (touch wood). I've been running OSX for 5 months straight with no issues what-so-ever, with completely non-problematic updates etc. etc.


1. So, as a rule of thumb, if the mainboard is compatible with Kakewalk, I would be happy and relaxed that everything would work almost out of the box.


2. PSU - 750W for a non-i7 system I believe is an overkill. You can save money and go for a 550W or even 600W that can take you through to i7 systems later on.


3. GPU - I would go for Nvidia because it it directly supported by apple as all latest macs use Nvidia


That's all mate. I think you can save up a bit more money and still have a great system.


Best wishes

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SATA 3 and USB 3 are not supported under OS X currently. You will be able to use the P55A-UD4P, it's a very common board over at TonyMacX86 - you might want to check that out, that site has a good install method for P55-based hackintoshes.


Your GPU is fine - the 4870 will work. NVIDIA has a little less trouble, but not enough to change IMO and ATI's cards are better with OpenGL and similar under OS X.


Agreed about the PSU, I have a 4890, three hard drives, and a Core i7 running on a 500W PSU.

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