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Few problems with the graphics


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Well I get into Mac OS X is all in black and white, I managed to get into the system preferences (visual dificulty only, is runnin really smoothly) and check in display it was only 800x600 and 256 colors only..


When darwing boots i cant input anything like -x or the graphics mode.., and when it loads into login screen it doesn't ask for the password (i cant see the the user - visual dificulty again..)


Also most programs work (safari,ical, itunes, quicktime and so on) the sound is not working properly either (I know how to solve that, i found that solution but I need to able to read the files and such and I can't cause of visual dificulty x_X).


My pc:

Dell Dimension 3000 2.8ghz


ram 2gb

Intel® 82865G Graphics Controler 96mb



method: The image tiger-x86-flat.img on an external HD the partition is type AF and its 6.5gb big, used this as guide.




Thanks in advance for your help,



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