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External audio Firewire device FCA202 not working !


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Hi Guys,


I've read a lot the last 2 days or maybe 3 !!, it's so loooong!!, so now i've decided to post to see if i can get some help


First of all, i Have a Gateway Laptop Mt 6840 with an Intel Core Duo @ 2.00 Ghz


My first experience was with the kalyway Distro 10.5.2 and everything (almost) went well, except for the Yukon Marvell 88E8038 Ethernet and it's been solved in a matter of days, searching the forum and finding the solution provided by Chun-nan with IOPCIFamily test 7 and modifying my AppleYukon2.kext within IONetworkingFamily.kext with the appropriate Model and Vendor ID found under Windows.


On Monday i installed Snow leopard retail 10.6.3 booting with D620SLV1 cd. I know it's not exactly intended for my computer, but since it's working, i installed it , Updated with Combo 10.6.4 and launched the post install to install Chameleon 2 rc3, then reboot.


Network was not working, and another time finding my way through the forum, i finally found a working solution, i actually installed OIPCMCIAFamily.kext i found in one post , but in the meantime, it screwed up my Firewire interface FCA202 Behringer and i could not see it anymore in System Profiler. i Removed that and extracted the IOPCIFamily.kext from within IOPCMCIAFamily.kext and installed it, and to my big surprise it worked right away. So now i have Ethernet working , my Firewire shows up in System Profiler, but now here is the problem, i can't select it as a coreaudio device in the Audio and Midi Configuration panel.



the laptop uses this chip for Cardbus and Firewire : TI PCI-8412


My question is : can i use AppleFWAudio.kext from 10.5.2 and modify it so it could be loaded by 10.6.4, and second, is it the only kext i would have to modify (was thinking about IOFireWireFamily.kext) since i am a noob, and i made a real effort not to ask anyone before getting stuck.


Here i will provide IORegexplorer files before i made my modifications and after so you can compare and will provide System profiler log too




I thank you very much guys and in the meantime i will keep looking on google



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