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Extra/Extensions not loading


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I'm sorry if this is a dumb noob question that's been asked hundreds of times already but I have searched and not got the answer.


I've got an MSI Wind U100 clone with Chameleon RC4 and OS X 10.6.4 + XP dual booting.


Everything has been working fine but when I reinstalled XP I had to reinstall Chameleon and do the active partition thingy - I was expecting that as I've done it before. Like last time though I had to fiddle a bit to get my kexts to load but finally they did.


However this time after many hours of fiddling with UpdateEFI, EFI Finisher and UpdateGPT I still can't get the kexts in the EFI partition to load. Chameleon seems to work fine and it loads the theme that is included in the EFI Finisher package. I'm sure the ownership and permissions are correct.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance.



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