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ToH RC2 DVD Install Problem


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I have Windows 7. I have ToH RC2 and wish to install this on an empty partition. The first time I booted the DVD I burned, the 160Gb HDD I wanted to install on wasn't recognized. I figured this was because it was in IDE mode and not AHCI so I changed this.


My Plan is to use this 10.5 version to install the retail 10.6 DVD I bought today.


However, the next time I went to load the ToH RC2 DVD, It stops after a while and the following shows up: (please see attachment picture) or http://a.imageshack.us/img688/5660/001asm.jpg

I never make it to the Apple Install GUI..




Any assistance would be most appreciated. Let me know if I'm just doing this wrong..


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anyone have any suggestions??


My Build

Intel Core i7 930

Gigabyte X58A-UD3R

3x2Gb DDR3 @ 1600MHz


SSD Windows 7 Boot

160Gb WD @ 7200RPM

360Gb WD @ 7200RPM


Any tips as to how to get my retail 10.6 up and running would be greatly appreciated.

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Make sure your SATA controller is set to AHCI mode in the BIOS.


And try disabling the Realtek LAN in the BIOS while installing, looks like it's going to cause trouble. You can enable it later when you're done installing. You'll probably need to do some work on patching the Realtek driver to work with your hardware, or find an alternative.


ToH RC2 might be too old to work with your hardware at all. It's based on 10.5.0 and IIRC 10.5.7 was the first version of OS X to support the ICH10 Southbridge (that's not necessarily a showstopper though). As for your CPU, that could present a problem as well. i7 was probably only just appearing on the drawing boards of Intel engineers back in 2007.


If your goal is to get to Snow Leopard anyway, I think it would spare you a lot of grief if you used something recent such as MyHack, a custom boot CD or whatever else is out there instead of a 3 years old 10.5.x distro.

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I got a problem myself...


I've burned the pathced dvd of ToH RC2.. I popped the baby in and booted with F12 from a cd/dvd and it does a lot of things and then finally shows the Mac ui and says lang, customize, etc.


I uncheck all the packages like this guide says: osx86.thefreesuite.com/leo_intel.php


and proceed to install, it does its checking thing, which takes about 15 mins, and then it says it can't create volume/basesystem.pkg.(and some numbers and letters behind it)


So, decided hey, ill just wipe everything.


Now, I'm on a fresh vista 32bit os, nothing on it just like i got a new computer.


I did this part of the tutorial:


"3. You need to create at least 6GB unallocated space on your hard drive. To do this, follow the steps below.


>> Press the windows logo in the bottom left corner of you screen

>> Right click ‘computer’ and select ‘manage’

>> Select ‘Disk Management’ in the ‘Computer Management’ screen.

>> Select a partition with at least 6GB of free space

>> Right click it and hit ’shrink volume”

>> Type in the amount of space to shrink (at least 6GB) and hit ‘Shrink’.

>> Close all open windows."


and now im doing:


"4. In Vista, hit [windows button] + R. In XP, go to start > Run. Type 'diskpart' (without quotes) in the run window and press OK.


5. In the command window, type:


>> List disk

>> Select disk [disk #]

>> List partition

>> create partition primary id=af

>> active"


BUT, i dont know what to do now.. because the create partition primary id=af, i type that in and get: "there is insufficient free space to create a partition at the specified size and offset. specify different size and offset valus or don't specify either to create the maximum sized partition"


what do i do? please help. :)

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