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partition corruption

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hi guys,


I meet the same trouble all the time...

I have linux, win7 and mac on the same disk. And Windows often runs the check disk utility, and finally stops working properly (hibernate doesn't work, programs don't load etc). Mac also seemed to be affected by Win as it's behavior isn't flat: sometimes it fails to start (then I have to restart the laptop)

Seems like operation systems affect each other partitions in some way.


I use MBR, boot menu via grub2. I have 1-2Mb gap between each partition. I used to perform partitioning under Ubuntu in GPedit (sometimes I format/erase the disk during Mac/Win installation though)


I have such disk partitions:

|_GRUB2(ext2)_| |_win7(ntfs)_| |_SnowLeo(hfs+)_| |_{_extended:_[ntfs]_+_[ntfs]_}_|


Does anyone have an idea what is the reason for this problem?


thank you for reading.

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