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Can't repair disk permissions ...


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I used Netbook Maker 084 opn MY USB with retail SL as standard

after installing an my EEEPC 1005A

I run the netbook maker 084

As I Restrat my scrren gives the option to continue with either my USB with the patched Mac SL installer and the NEW EEEPC 1005A as a Mac disk. In a way is pretty much like starting a regular Mac with ALT down.

I installed Imperiopolis latest ktext for his 1008 publiushed at the end of this thread and patched the Kernel to Atom with OSX86Tools

If I try to run the MAC SL Freshly installed hard drive nothing happens although I follow the standard process in set up to use a 'primary drive I get stuck in a black underscore and can get it to boot

The weird thing is that if I restart keeping my USB key in the port and set it up as the first drive it gives me the option to start with my MAc Hard disk (The whole EEPC has only a Mac GUID partition)

Then everything works perfectly excepts WIFI: even ethernet works, sound mikes and so on.

However if I try to repair permissions I always get an error telling me there are no available packages to perform this operation.

This happens also using the terminal

I still have the ASUS with SL 10.6.0

What am I doing wrong?



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