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    Because all Tiger installers are only for PowerPC Macs not for Intel so there is no way to find them. Also Apple does not support machine specific installers only Updates to newer systems. In other words what I find at retail stores and EBAY will simply not work. I asked this forum because I hope some programmer will help me to crack other Tiger installers I have. If people can turn Intel Windows machine into MAC I am pretty sure it will be totally easy to write a simple routine to get rid of the notice telling me that installer is for another MAC ....

    I'm a Mac user and I really hope someone in this great community can help I have a Black MACBOOK bought in 2007. It's the first INTEL MAC series which came with Tiger. I lost my original installer disks and after a very serious crash I had no options but install Leopard or Snow. I googled seriously but is impossible to find system specific installers. After loading many I never had any results at all as the machine always rejects them telling me they are not what my MACBOOK needs. However I need to reinstall Tiger as I still have several files and apps running in SYS 9 which where never ported to OSX. As System Specific Installers are totally impossible to find, is there a way for me to use any of the various Tiger Hacks for Intel non Mac hardware so I can run the Machine with a Tiger OSX 10.4.8 and or directly with 10.4.11 if this is at all possible? If anyone gives me a hand I'll be totally grateful Thanks and waiting
  3. I followed several guides and the 1000HA worked perfectly except ethernet and wifi Finally I found a guide suggesting IKATOS and now also ethe and wifi work along with everything else. SL 10.6.4 runs everything I use in grasphics, sound and so on. Hopwever the screen resolution is 800x600 and this is not very handy as everything looks distorted. Is there a way to use the original ASUS 1000HA screen definition without loosing ethe and wifi without going back to the previous install methods which didn't allow to use anything as Apple blocked Atom processors? Thanks I am a Mac user only and I use this NB all the time and I used it before at first as an experiment later all the time I'm away from my nig Machines so if anyone can help please give instructions I can simply perform ---- Thanksa to this great community for the various help and solutions I found Dan
  4. Hi all does anyone know if there are ways to change the broken screen of an Iphone 3gs avoiding the €220 Apple store asks to replace it? European because even if there is a suggestion from anywhere else, duty taxes will not help solving my problem, which BTW wasnt caused by myself: I just went to sleep and in the morning the glass looked like a spider web. At the local applestore they say this happens more often than one could imagine especially when phones are refurbished. This phone didn't work at all after I got it, and Apple changed it fpr freer as it was brand new. The local store tells me they they replace putting together different working parts of differently broken phones, often they force squeeze in the glass cover, and this breaks the phone for many reasons, which have nothing to do with dropping it or similar. Tha
  5. Hi All For about one year my machine ASUS EEEPC 1005HA worked just fine after I used Imperiopolis guide: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=181916. The install happened flawlesly as sson as I tried first time and everything I needed worked. (Photoshop, Skype, and almost everything else including my NIKON software)- I bought an Ethernet USB and a Wifi to USB cables overcoming the unsolved problems from that guide. I never upgrade to 10.6.1 until I decided to move forward: I used the latest guide in the same topic as I understood the new NetMaker-Netinstaller 084 allow better install and overcome the Apple problem on Atom GHear. I also downloaded the various new Ktext Imperiopolis supplied in his post. Backup the files in my machine and repeated the same process: however since the install works ONLY if I boot from the USB pendrive. If I select the internal Drive formatted "only" for mac so just GUID partition as the boot disk after the EEPC screen I ghet a black screen and and an underscore on the screen. I was unable to use the EEEPC even with SNow 10.6.0. Can this be because the new NetMaker-Netinstaller 0.8.4 are only meant for other platforms? Else what am'I doing wrong? If anyone gives me a hand it will be great --- I'm used to that great little machine and although I am just a Mac User (never had windows in my life) I got it after reasearching a lot and I found this was the best possible item non Apple I could use as a Mac. Tha Tha Dan
  6. I used Netbook Maker 084 opn MY USB with retail SL as standard after installing an my EEEPC 1005A I run the netbook maker 084 As I Restrat my scrren gives the option to continue with either my USB with the patched Mac SL installer and the NEW EEEPC 1005A as a Mac disk. In a way is pretty much like starting a regular Mac with ALT down. I installed Imperiopolis latest ktext for his 1008 publiushed at the end of this thread and patched the Kernel to Atom with OSX86Tools If I try to run the MAC SL Freshly installed hard drive nothing happens although I follow the standard process in set up to use a 'primary drive I get stuck in a black underscore and can get it to boot The weird thing is that if I restart keeping my USB key in the port and set it up as the first drive it gives me the option to start with my MAc Hard disk (The whole EEPC has only a Mac GUID partition) Then everything works perfectly excepts WIFI: even ethernet works, sound mikes and so on. However if I try to repair permissions I always get an error telling me there are no available packages to perform this operation. This happens also using the terminal I still have the ASUS with SL 10.6.0 What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  7. Hi all after using mjy Asus EEEPC 1008HA only as a MAC notebook successfully I upgraded the RAM to 2 GB. The machine still works just fine with SL 10.6.0 however the sys profiler and the memory don't show the 2GB memory. I tried to google about this issue but found nothing. Anyone else with this problem|? Do I need to reinstall OSX from scratch or there is something else I need to do? Thanks Danwan
  8. My Network preference recognize ethernet 0, confirms the cable is connected but it tells me I have no IP number therefore I can't connect ANy hints?
  9. EEEPC 1000HA

    Everything seems to work for an old-timer mac user only. My machine has Bluetooth out of the box, while in the specs I read it doesn't. However I am unable to set the brightness using the FKeys nor from the Display preferences. Is there a Kext to fix this? Also nor Wifi or Ethernet work. Googlin around there are several solution however they refer to different versions of the 1000. I hope someone with a similar problem might help. Thanks
  10. I'm trying to use a 3COM 3CRUSB10075 wireless USB adaptor with Snow on my eeePC1000HA. I've tried using the various options for the ZD chipset as IO understand this was working in several machines Is there a simple way in to use this WIFI card in Snow Leopard ? Tia
  11. Wireless - AR9280

    Is there any other way to internet, such as an USB adaptor one can plug in my eeePC 1008ha? I am not tech enough to open the lappy and replace with the Dell 1510 .... Either for wireless or ethernet would be good. Any ideas, thanks?
  12. While I'm just a mac user, yet I was succesful in installing Sl from scratch according to the guides ... However, my bluetooth came out immediatly with no patches or additional ktext while I was never able to set the sound. Are there different models for the eeePC 1000HA? Also, as I badl need the inthernet and it seems there are no avalible ways to make it work so far, can anyone suggest an other option?
  13. SL on Asus EeePC 1005HA?

    Please could you go a step forward for another Just Mac user. I realize this forum and others are really for experts, but you seem to be experienced in various areas while people like me isn't ... sorry to take your time. You say: 4. Switched my 1005ha to AHCI mode in the BIOS What you exactl mean by @ Switched my 1005ha to AHCI mode in the BIOS@ When I press F2 I get the following: Main: ASUS 1005HA ACPI BIOS revision 0601 Core ver 0601 and the rest (date, build Date etc) Advanced Settings (with sub menus I do not quote as I believe they have nothing to do with booting) Ide Config On Board devices config CPU config Security (not touched with the various passwords) Boot (The one I should be playing with) on the standard set up (pressing F9) Boot Device Priority Boot Settings Config OnBoard LAN Boot Rom [disabled] I use and external USB Drive I partioned as GUID an where I restored my RETAIL Snow Leo. I set 1st item Boot Device Priority Menu as follows 1st Boot Device [Removable Dev.] which appears in color white 2nd Boot Device [Disabled] Disabled the 2nd Boot device appears in blue I left as with defualts Boot Settings Config as follows: Quiet Boot [Enabled] as from the defaults Click F10 save and Exit. I have my external USB drive installed, where I performed your instructions. I always get a black screen and: Reboot and Select proper boot device or insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a Key Again I followed your instructions carefully a number of times step by step. While I know nothing about programming and I only used Macs all my life I believe there is something I am missing here. I am not a total computer idiot and I use Terminal when needed decently. Why the machine keeps asking me for bootable media if I created the booting following your instructions? Could you please help another MAC only user? .... I got these little protable as Apple does not make them and I hope Im not bothering you and all the other great guys contributing to this and other forums. Thanks
  14. HI, all I am a APPLE USER only, since the Apple ][ a few centuries ago. I hope to find some good soul who can suggest me an Intel or AMD super light laptop. Apple does not care much about this market and even the AIR VERSION Might be light but is big and dies quickly. I hope to get some suggestions to buy sopmething like the Dell MINI 10 kind of machine so I can install Leopard and still get the full screen, wifi, the trackpad, Bluetooth, Audio and so on. I've seen Dell MINI 9 works fine, however it doesn't come with a DVD which I need. Also I am not sure I can beef up the RAM and the hard drive. I will use this machine if it exist to do some light graphics, and light video editing (light means corrections and not much CPU distress for the machine. Can anyone give me a hint? Thanks