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How I got OS X86 running on my PC


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Thankfully, I am typing this from a Mac, Version 10.4.1. It toook me over a week and about 5 reformats to get this right. I finally said, "screw the guides!" and did it myself. Before you read, just keep in mind that I'm 11 and I did it, so you should be able to. Here's what I did:


Reqirements: I used a Dell, but I think others will work.

At least one hard drive, 120gb or bigger.

A DVD Rom, and a DVD Burner.

Ultra ISO (download the trial version)

Marklar-Tiger.dmg (you can find it on a torrent site)

A SSE2 or SSE3 enabled processor (I have SSE2)

A patch, you can google for Generic_OSx86_Install_DVD_Patcher_release1.rar

ppf-o-matic3, it should come with the patch.

Your handy Windows XP Installation CD, just in case.

A complete beckup of everything you care about on your computer.



OK, so here's my guide:


After you have download Marklar-Tiger.dmg, open UltraISO and convert the .dmg into a .iso. To do that, launch UltraIso, go to tools and select convert.


Now, extract the rar file and put the contents in another folder on your desktop. Run ppf-o-matic3 and select your new .iso file in the first box, and Marklar-Tiger-patch-release1 file in the second box, and then click on the apply button. Now you have the patched version of the Mac OS.


Now, use Nero Burning Rom and put the patched .iso file on your blank DVD.


When that's done, take it out of the drive and put it in a safe place along with your backup.


Now, turn off your computer and boot from your new OS X install disk (the one that has Marklar-Tiger.iso on it). When a menu comes up about installing Mac OS X Darwin, press ENTER. The Mac startup ppage should come up, and your CD drive will make some weird sounds. After maybe 8 or 9 minutes, a blue screen will come up, and then something that says "Preparing to Install" let it work, and soon you will be presented with a Mac OS X installation page. Don't do anyhting there, instead go to Utilites in the top menu, and click on disk utility. It should show you a list of your drives. Click on the drive that has windows XP on it now, and then click on the tab "partition". Click on the "Split" button, so you have 2 partitions, and format one as "Mac OS Extended (journaled), and format the other as "MsDOS filesystem". Yes, all of your data will be lost when you do this, but thats why you made a backup.


Now, go back to the install page, and press next and next. When it asks you where you want to install Mac, there should be a picture of a drive that's that aprtition you just made. Select that, and press Next, and Next. let it install, and then reboot.


This time, boot off of your Win XP install disk, and install windows on the fat32 partition you made (the one that was formatted as "MsDOS filesystem". Let windows Install, and go through setup. Whenwindows is working, reboot. You should be presented with a screen about booting into OS X. Press ENTER, and it will give you two options: Mac OS X, or Windows XP. Click on either one, depending on what operating system you want to boot into.


If the Dual-Boot screen doesnt come up, but instead it boots into Windows, boot off of your Mac install disk again, and when presented with the Install page again, click on Utilites, in the top menu, then startup disk. It should show you the Install DVD in your drive, and your Mac Partition. Select the Mac Partition, ad press Reboot. You should be presented with a Dual boot screen.


I hope this guide has worked for you, and if something goes worng, or you have a question, please post it here, and I'll try to answer it as best as I can.

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