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  1. well, i burned it with disk utility. just mount the cdr, and open disk utility, and you can burn it to a dvd.
  2. you may have what's called a "panic"...or maybe it's something else...
  3. http://dilnalomo.googlepages.com/ my new easy guide tells you how to set up a server in osx, then host your very own forum and website. this works with hackintosh and genuine macs. enjoy!
  4. i dont know if any did tried this way already, but this is too easy to be a guide i think... anyway, it's really easy to upgrade from a XP + OSX native dual boot to a Vista + OSX native dual boot. http://dilnalomo.googlepages.com/vistaosxupgrade
  5. good luck! if you are doing vista + osx dual boot, give my vista + osx guide a try eh?
  6. this means that it is best to have partitions in this order. first is your windows partitions, then your osx partition, and last, your backup partition if you have one. maybe you should try making your osx partition before your recovery partition. because your recovery partition is most likely a logical one, and osx doens't like being installed on a partition after a logical or extended partiton.
  7. Simplified Chinese translation is updated with pictures now.
  8. dilnalomo

    [原创] XP + OSX 10.4.4 -10.4.8 双启动 图解教程

    简体中文版的教程终于完整更新了~ 我将整个教程搬到我的网站上了, 现在有图了.
  9. dilnalomo


    去这里下载第三方的驱动吧. http://www.macvidia.com/
  10. i moved the guide to my little googlepage site now. i added new screenshots, and organized into multiple pages for easy reading.
  11. dilnalomo


    http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/3rdPartyDrivers 这里有很多第三方的驱动.找找看~
  12. lol, i am sure it's not credited to me. lol it's been asked and answered here for a megazillion times.
  13. dilnalomo

    [原创How-to] XP + OSX 双启 中文安装指南

  14. dilnalomo


    哈哈~先给这里的国人祝福一下吧. 本人是在纽约的, 今天(才)圣诞. 已过的话...再庆祝一下吧!