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TSPProgressIndicator - custom cocoa progress indicator

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TSPProgressIndicator is a highly customizable progress indicator class which lets you create a cool progress indicator with a few line of code.





Main functions for customizing the progress indicator:

  • Progressbar main color
  • Progressbar holder color
  • Shadow color and blur radius
  • Upper and lower text color, font size and alignment
  • Progressbar corner radius
  • Indeterminate animation both in main thread and another thread


Theming example:

[myProgress setMaxValue: 100.0];
[myProgress setCornerRadius: 15];
[myProgress setProgressColor: [NSColor colorWithCalibratedRed:0.076 green:0.076 blue:0.071 alpha:1.000]];
[myProgress setFontSize: 11]; 
[myProgress setProgressTextAlign: 2];
and so on...

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