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  1. Because it should be something like this (i mean should cuz i can't see the whole project): [txtResult setStringValue: [NSString stringWithFormat: @"Years: %i Months: %i Days: %i", years, months , days]]; Hope it helped....
  2. TSPProgressIndicator is a highly customizable progress indicator class which lets you create a cool progress indicator with a few line of code. Main functions for customizing the progress indicator: Progressbar main color Progressbar holder color Shadow color and blur radius Upper and lower text color, font size and alignment Progressbar corner radius Indeterminate animation both in main thread and another thread Theming example: [myProgress setMaxValue: 100.0]; [myProgress setCornerRadius: 15]; [myProgress setProgressColor: [NSColor colorWithCalibratedRed:0.076 green:0.076 blue:0.071 alpha:1.000]]; [myProgress setFontSize: 11]; [myProgress setProgressTextAlign: 2]; and so on...
  3. Retail 10.6 for Asrock owners

    I personaly do not...and as far as I know the lan devices that asrock mobos have should work oob in osx...as it did in my case... As for the bios conf. u should disable HPET cuz i can see in ur photos that ur cpu does not support hpet, in ata/ide conf i configured it to be in compatible mode (less buggy), and disable all parallel/serial/floppy, enable legacy usb. hope it helped...
  4. Retail 10.6 for Asrock owners

    the Intel DG31PR is one of the best and most compatible mobo out there....i managed to make it fully working, sleep/restart/shutdown, input/output/mic audio, vga, PCI cards...so it's a good choice
  5. Retail 10.6 for Asrock owners

    Asrock G31M is a pain in the back end...trust me... I tried so many times to make it run...And nothing good came out....
  6. Retail 10.6 for Asrock owners

    Try this instead of Psystar's OpenHaltRestart, it might work.
  7. Retail 10.6 for Asrock owners

    The kexts I used are in the boot cd posted in the first thread...use that...it should work.
  8. Retail 10.6 for Asrock owners

    Set in bios ATA/IDE Configuration as compatible and use this instead of IOATAFamily.kext. It was the only way that worked for me.
  9. Retail 10.6 for Asrock owners

    As far as I can see your mobo is more compatible with OSX then ours...so my answer is yes...it could work...as for the audio I think u'll be i the same pot as us...meaning only stereo out on all outputs using voodooHDA (no surround)
  10. Retail 10.6 for Asrock owners

    My SL is booting with 64 bit kernel and Kexts ...
  11. Retail 10.6 for Asrock owners

    Regarding the audio problem...I've got it working using the VoodooHDA kext...all 5 output works but u have the same stereo out on all of them...no mic no line it...but it works great... I even managed to make it run my Asrock flawlesly in 64bit mode... So heads up for Asrock PS: if anyone manage to put your hands on the ALC888 driver for Asrock let me know...thx
  12. Hello colourstobe, You need to use a 8GB (or bigger) USB Key (or make urslf a boot132 cd with chameleon 2 rc3 cdboot) In my case I formated the usb in GUID, installed Cham RC3 on it...and added the kexts from the pic. Boot from the usb and install ur SL. After the installation repeat the procedure on your newly installed SL HDD. Some of the kext are not needed....but i included them anyway...
  13. Hello Asrock owners....as you already know osx86 on Asrock mobo is quite hard to install...well I tryed several times using iDeneb (other distros as well) and retail of course with no luck...but today after my first try with this boot132 made by blackosx I managed to install retail with my first try without any problems or tweakings ....i was astonished by the result. Anyway without makeing this post long....just use the boot132 to install your retail SL, put the kexts from the Preboot.dmg in your extra folder + your favourit Video and Audio drivers and ofcourse Chameleon 2 RC3 and there you go...a perfectly running retail SL on Asrock (mine were Asrock Conroe1333-D667 and G31M-S - both working not good...but very good ) So I hope you manage to get it working as I did...good luck...
  14. Thank you ! I'll give it a try EDIT: Tryed your files...with ur kext all work fine...but still no video resolution change.... Using ur dsdt i get grey screen after logon...so...nothing...thx anyway..
  15. Could you please post your files (kext, dsdt), I would like to compare them with the ones I've used....Thx PS. to get the VGA ID's go to System Profiler > Graphics/Display and you should see some numbers in there like (Device ID: 0x27a2 Revision ID: 0x0003...these are from a macbook)