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Will this i7-930 build work out?

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This is my first build and I'm hoping to keep it under $900. Mostly buying from newegg, but the i7-930 I'll be getting from microcenter.


I have a series of questions...

1) Would the motherboard be compatible with my RAM, as 1600 speed is not listed in its specs but 2200 is?

2) Will 650W of power be enough? (I'll also have 2-3 hard drives & a dvd drive)

3) Is there better motherboard for around $200 or less?



Processor= Intel i7-930



Motherboard= Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R



RAM= Corsair 4GB 1600



Video Card= Radeon HD 4870





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Except for the RAM everything looks fine. You need triple-channel, not dual-channel, and I've found you some similar RAM here. I don't know of any cheaper X58 motherboards that will work, but the one you've got is good. 650W will be plenty, I have three hard drives, an optical drive, a 4890 and my 930 powered with a 500W PSU.

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