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DSDT Editing Rules


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I had this idea but actually have no idea how to write this guide. I have been reading a lot of the The Kings posts, master chief and others and these guys clearly know coding and know the basics of DSDT edits.


I want to cover off on some of those basics here so we can help those who dont know feel more comfortable making edits to the DSDT.


For example I am looking at this topic now.



Making these edits seems simple based on how the king explained it but if your clueless about editing the DSDT your not going to know where to put OperationRegion section under the device your editing.


I know these answers could be derived from looking at other devices or DSDTs but I helpful rule book would make it sooo much easier.


So I am going to push this out to the experts.. I want to hear the rules of making DSDT edits. I will update this first post and add the rules as people add them to the topic.


Whos up first? Lets start with operationRegion. Where is this always placed when adding it? Is it after name and before the first method?

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