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Using Real Macbook Discs and Hackintosh to update G4


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Hi.. I know this is something thats been discussed often all over on the net but my reading hasn't answered my question


My scenario is that I own a PPC G4 Quicksilver 2002 running tiger, and a Intel Hackintosh desktop running 10.6.4. I also have Restore discs for 10.5 Leopard belonging to a Intel Macbook. I found conflicting information about these discs and need some clarity, some say that these discs only have intel architecture on them, some say it is universal but will only install on macbooks because of restrictions placed on the disc, yet one person claimed to install leopard from a macbook to a g5 ppc using target disc mode.


So firstly, do the restore discs really have only intel architecture for 10.5 or is it universal?


If it is universal, then can I create a smbios.plist for chameleon to inject that will match the specs of a real macbook, thus allowing the restore discs to run on my hackintosh?


If I get the discs to run on the hackintosh will my computer, can I install it to a 2nd hard drive remove drive and place it in the G4 will it run?


Lastly, just curious but will target disc mode will work on a hackintosh or not?

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