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P5B Deluxe sleep issues

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So I'm at my wits end. I'm not sure how to get s3 sleep going with 10.6.4.

This is how I got SL on my PC. I did a retail install of Snow Leopard using Empire_EFI to do the install and then once i got to the desktop I updated to 10.6.4 and then ran myHack 1.1.

After than I ran the DSDT Patcher GUI.

I have sleepenabler , nullcpupowermanagement, evoreboot, fakesmc in the Extra/Extensions folder and did the rebuild permission with kext utility.

Now whenever I try to make the computer go to sleep, the monitor will turn off but the computer won't completely go to standby because the fans are still running.

Should I be getting rid of nullcpupowermanagement and sleep enaber since i have a dsdt thingamajig sitting in the root directory after I ran the DSDT patcher GUI and i don't need these two things?

This is beyond me comprehension.

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the problem might be with the sleep enabler. never heard of such things. I have a dsdt.aml fle on my root and use the sleepenabler and nullcpupowermanagement with no problems, but i only use the dsdt.aml file not any other EFI mod.

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