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My answer to the iPad *lol*

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Okay, personally i like the idea of having a device for internet, messenging and mails in the living room.


But instead of having another piece of electronics laying around on your table surface, i thought myself to use the plenty of space under the surface, so here's what i build for that purpose:









Intel Pentium 4, 3.0 GHz, 1 GB Ram, GeForce 9650 GS with CI and QE, ALC880 codec (though only working as AC97 Stereo), 80 GB hard disk, Acer Bluetooth dongle




Kalyway 10.5.2 with 10.5.3 update (Bluetooth didn't work properly with 10.5.2)


Some specials:


The hardware is completely embedded in the socket of the furniture, i built the holdings for that out of aluminium profile bars. The TFT panel was once broken, its internal PSU failed to supply constant voltages, which resulted in the display "restarting" after 1 second of image display.


Now, i run the cathodes of the panel with two 12V inverters, which were initially used for cold cathode tube lights and i soldered +5V and GND from the PC PSU (550 Watt) to the panel's circuitry to enable image processing.


Last but not least, i used a capacity sensor to realize a "power button", which activates the system by touching the glass surface of the table at a certain spot next to the panel.


This sensor needed 5V of constant supply voltage, which i got from the 5V permanent wire of the power supply.


Oh, and before i forget, it does NOT have any touch capabilities. In fact i thought about the idea, but didn't find a fitting solution (within my budget), which would let me put a mug of coffee on the surface without getting intense worries... ;-)

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