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    WiFi-Stick for Lion?

    Tenda one's where always working for me till 10.6.x now having an unsupported one, I use Parallels to make it work on Lion, soon will try ML as well.
  2. cyberghoser1

    mucked up

    EasyBCD is the software you need, you can edit easily the bootloader options from there.
  3. Yup that worked thanks, well messages is not able to login, even with a freshly apple id but i know its not for that you made it, but nice to have spoofed real mac into vmware, gratz!
  4. Thanks for this, worked so fine! Messages not working yet but FaceTime got fixed!
  5. Hello, is there any software available to record the screen within the VM under OSX ? I tried both Quicktime X and iShowU but both crash, i guess because no acceleration, if you have success with any software paid or free let me know, Mountain Lion 10.8.5, thanks.
  6. Just a little update from my experience, had troubles with Vmware Workstation 10 and ML in the past, I redid the whole thing, patched Vmware 10 with dll patch, installed 10.8.5 full, very fast now, no delays on bootloader, seems more stable tha Vmware 9 after all, dont know why first try was frustrating. Still no iMessage but maybe i need to add a credit card to my account to make it work with the enabler, gave up on this one not a serious matter in a VM imho.
  7. cyberghoser1

    VMware Tools for OS X (darwin.iso and darwinPre15.iso)

    Great, but still graphics are better with Zenith's Installer.
  8. Currently i have setup two vm's to play around, 10.7.5 and 10.8.5, i dont bother so much with ML, but in Lion i had vmware latest tools from version 6 of fusion, then i thought i would try your package, i can see graphics are better, for example i start my vm always in full screen mode, until that was set i often had to leave full screen and re-apply it to be 1440x900 since on every first boot i had 1400x900. This is the first thing fixed by using your package, the next one is in Mission Control/Dashboard, far better experience!
  9. Never bothered install this since I always used vmware tools, but very impressed overall, better performance overall! Thanks Zenith432 again!
  10. Update without any problem? iMessage working with enabler or some other fix? Might update as well now.
  11. Thanks Donk for the tip although by adding that line in the vmx does not change anything, the serial keeps being the one used by Vmware.
  12. Yeah of course I know that. Well I can live without iMessage at all, thanks for the suggestions though.
  13. Seems faster yeah but imessage enabler makes the vm go crazy, no sound, mouse problems (fixed eventually) launchpad takes ages to load, well for me at least
  14. Wow, the virtualization is actually great, using 10.7.5 fully updated, playing youtube videos nicely, everything is smooth. Had bad experience with Virtualbox but Vmware + latest vmware tools for Mac OS X makes it like a real desktop, will try workstation 10 later as i dont see what are the benefits for mac os as guest for now.
  15. cyberghoser1

    EeePC 1000H Snow Leopard 10.6.4 Tutorial

    How to stop hard drive clunk noises, bad head parking for Asus EEEPC 1000H Hard drive clicking noise is due to bad apm management under OSX and maybe other operating systems, in this tutorial i will cover the problem under OSX. Steps: Since original 2204 bios does not have an option to turn on AHCI for the Hard Drive we have to use a modded one, don't panic its easy. AHCI is needed to allow hdapm to work, otherwise its impossible under SL to avoid this issue. Step A (Precaution, it is at your own risk, messing with the BIOS can be bad for your netbook) Download this Bios(2204) Modded with AHCI feature: http://www.mediafire...x7k2of7g33kmqcw credits to bios mods folks! Extract the file and put 1000H.ROM in a 1gb usb stick formated with fat16 system file (maybe 2gb usb sticks works too but not over that size) or burn it to a cd (do it under windows, on mac i had no success and the bios rom file whas not found by ez flash) Step B Connect your usb with the 1000H.ROM file in the computer and start your asus eeepc 1000h and hit atl+f2 when you see your bios screen EZ Flash will start and scan usb devices for the 1000H.ROM file. Once it found it it will start programming the new bios. Please don't unplug your Power AC Cord, just don't touch the netbook until the EZ Flash tells you to turn it off. Step C Boot up your asus eeepc 1000H again, this time you should see some clouds(hehe) that's the modded bios logo, hit f2 and enter in bios. (Or f1 as requested because configutation is changed) Under Advanced set ATA/IDE Configuration to Enhanced Under the same category set Sata Mode to AHCI You are done with the bios. Save and Exit. Boot into your Mac OS X. Download hdapm from here: http://mckinlay.net.nz/hdapm/ Install it, and reboot. You should see under the console(Utilities folder)something like this: 9/12/12 3:43:40 PM hdapm2[44] disk0: ST9160827AS 9/12/12 3:43:40 PM hdapm2[44] Set APM Level to 0xfe: Success If not, sometimes the original plist of hdapm fails to load, but don't panic we have a solution for this too! Download Lingon here: http://www.mediafire...5wbbk4gtmgwbthd, lingon is an app that allows us to make custom plist daemon launchers, and we will create one for hdapm, to be sure its executed at every login. This version of lingon is an old one and was free from sourceforge but the link does not exist anymore so i uploaded it for you. Launch Lingon and do the following: You have to create a new .plist for hdapm. Click on New (top-left in the program) and check ‘User Daemons’ and then ‘create’. In the 1st field fill in: hdapm2 the 2nd field: /usr/local/bin/hdapm disk0 max and on the bellow box, check: "Run it when it is loaded by the system (at startup or login)" You created hdapm2, as you can see on the left. Go into /Library/LaunchDaemons and delete the hdapm.plist and leave the hdapm2.plist intact, reboot and hdapm will successfully start upon boot. Now reboot and under console you should see something like this: 9/12/12 3:43:40 PM hdapm2[44] disk0: ST9160827AS 9/12/12 3:43:40 PM hdapm2[44] Set APM Level to 0xfe: Success Congratulations, no more Clunks, clicks or whatsoever! Happy silence! Note about the bios: Restart takes more time, its a known bug, just wait few seconds and it will restart. You'll have to live with it, better this than those bad clicks on the disk ;-)