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Sleepenabler problem 10.6.2

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I installed Snow OSX 10.6.2 Univsersal (3.6) (in MBR not GUID) but when i restart after installation , i have :




I looked and sleepenabler is not in Extra (folder Extensions is not here) and not in S/L/E .

So i create a folder Extensions in Extra and put Sleepenabler from HERE and i also put Sleepenabler in S/L/E but nothing change .


So what can i do ?


I have leo4all 10.5.2 on an other partition if i need to change some things .


my config :

Toshiba G50-132

Carte mere : Toshiba portable PC

Northbridge : intel pm45

South : Intel 82801IM

BIOS : Toshiba (V2.10 - 02/16/2009)

Processeur : intel core 2 duo P7450

Carte graph : Nvidia 9600GT

Son : Realtek ALC882

Ethernet et wifi : Intel wifi 5100



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delete the sleepenabler






cd /Volumes/YOUR-VOLUME-NAME/System/Library/Extensions

rm -rf sleepenabler.kext




mv /Volumes/PARTITION NAME/System/Library/Extensions/sleepenabler.kext /Volumes/PARTITION NAME



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I did it.


So after , i try to boot with -v and it seems works well but i stay over 20min with this so i shut down the computer .




I reboot and test with -v and now , i have this :




It's so hard ^^

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you have to be careful what you select


use the original kernel


select the minimum


avoid selecting audio, video, lan


sort things out

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When i installed it , i just have :


- PC EFI 9.4 - boot-9-4 by Netkas


- PC EFI 10.5 - Chameleon 2 RC3 (r658) PC EFI 10.5 by Netkas


- NullCPUPM - IntelCPUPowerManagement

- PlatformUUID - Error 35 fix

- FakeSMC

- IOATA Kernel Panic fix - 32/64-bit IOATAFamily.kext from Leo 10.5.8 (compiled by Slice)

- EvOreboot - Restart and Shutdown fix

- EvOSpeedStep - Power Management for Core i7

- EvOenabler - ATI video injector

- SMBIOSResolver - only for PC EFI 9.4!!!

- Legacy AHCI - 32/64-bit Legacy kext ?? Intel AHCI (SATA)

- Legacy ATA - 32/64-bit Legacy kext ?? Intel ATA (IDE)

- Legacy JMicron ATA - 32/64-bit Legacy kext ?? JMicron ATA (IDE)

- PS/2 - kext for PS/2

- Rosetta

- ATools - tools


So what can i choose ? less or more ?


(sorry for the english , i'm french)

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I Restart thé installation and it's good but when i boot , it said : please connect a keyboard. But i am on a laptop and i haven't got any USB keyboard at home.


Is there a kext or patch for this or i may buy an USB keyboard ?



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Thank you for all :D

I found appleACPIPS2 , voodoops2controller and voodoo.prefpane so i put the three in S/L/E and it rocks !


So (because i need your help again ^^) :

- internet doesn't work . I use Wifi and i have Intel Wifi 5100 AGN but after google , i didn't found it because it is in development . Another way to have internet ? (I cannot have ethernet) .

- sound also doesn"t work : i have ALC882

- graphic card (9600GT) but how can i try if it works ?


Then i will update to 10.6.4 but often , i see delete sleepenabler but i haven't got sleepenabler in S/L/E or E/E .

So what i need to do ?


(Sorry for my english ... again and thanks for your help :))


EDIT : my keyboard doesn't work but i can access to the desk ...

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Keyboard => doesn't work

When i put voodoo trackpad,ps2controller and appleacpip it works on reboot but when i shut down and restart , fail.


Wifi => Wait :D


Sound => i try voodoohda nothing and then , alc882 injector.kext nothing


Graphics => need password and haven't got keyboard

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use the kext voodoops2trackpad

remove the other


repair permissions

rebuild cache


reboot with arch=i386 -f -v










arch=i386 kernel 32

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I havent got USB keyboard.

What is the order if i incluse graphicsenabler=nô with arch=i386 -f -v


Keyboard = don't work


Sound = no (but not important)


Graphic = blackscreen on reboot

i need to put graphicsenabler=no (not important for the moment)


i just downloaded comboupdate for 10.6.3 and .4 , CAN i try installation ?

(No sleepenabler but i don't know if i may do that or no and if i need to change others things)

Use any disabler for AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext, for example – NullCPUPM.kext, install it to Extra mkext and reboot, of course if you made AppleIntelCPUPM to speedstep your cpu, you can skip this step.




EDIT : Keyboard was good so i follow the guide and do the update but before the end of installation , i have please restart the computer . So i did it and now when i boot with -v , it start 10 secondes and then , reboot .


EDIT 2 : Well , i delete iofirewirefamily again , place sleepenabler , delete extensions.mkext , refix permissions .

Then 10.6.4 , delete sleepenabler , install update . After KP at the end of installation , delete iofirewirefamily again , replace sleepenabler , delete extensions.mkext and reboot with pmVersion=0 . All right .


But - graphics : don't work , always need GE=no

- Wifi : I find a sagem WL-167G wifi key but i don"t find the driver .

- Sound : no sound

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