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I can't boot, reinstall or anything

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Hi, i´m having big troubles with my dear system and need help!


I put all the things togheter and all works fine for several months, and suddenly it has troubles loading the OS, so i needed two or three attempts to get the Leopard running. Some days ago it stop loading at all and all i got was a blue screen. I tough the problem was the power supply, so today i changed it for a bigger and better and get the same blue sh%$/&.


So i tought that maybe if i try to install Snow Leopard over the old Leopard maybe i would get my computer working again. I booted with Boot 123, and then use de DVD SL Retail and after starts it paused in a black screen.

Now if i try to boot again from te DVD i´got a kernel panic (a static one), and if i try to boot my old Leopard from de HD i got a kernel panic that sweeps the screen getting darker every time and at the end only remains this sentence:


BSD process name corresponding to current thread: Unknowngs on stack)


After a while the computer restarts and all over again...


I don´t know what to do and i don´t know what or where is the trouble...

It seems like i´ve lost the Leopard Instalation and i cannot install the Snow Leopard either... so, any ideas?

I would apreciatte so much any help because i´ve important stuff in the machine and i really want to get "her" back working!


The mobo is a GB EP45-UD3R with Quad Core Q9550, 4Gb of RAM and a NVidia 9800gt.



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