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How to replace the video driver being used

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Newbee question:

My system is booting now and issues a kernel panic in voodooHDA, I suspect due to my ATI 5700 FireGL; I think the correct driver should be included in ATIRadeonX2000.kext.


Where do I get this kext from (download) and

how can I replace the currently being used driver with the one in ATIRadeonX2000.kext

without reinstalling everything?



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Ok, but I assume I can run in vesa mode for now, right?


Currently my trackpoint is not working either, although I have added voodoops2 support, any idea on this?


How do you generally replace kext driver packages (esp. from outside MacOSX, e.g. when accessing the Mac installation from Windows using MacDrive)?

In which file are the kexts to be used registered e.g.?

Where do you have to copy new kext packages to?



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