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SL on EP35-DS3 w/ 4870 & X-Fi Titanium

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Hey Guys,


I am using the following hardware:


MoBo. Gigabyte EP35-DS3

CPU. C2D E8400

GPU. Gainward 4870 Golden Sample, 512MB, @Arctic Cooling Twin Turbo

Sound. PCI-e Creative X-Fi Titanium

Release: SL 10.6.3 from iAtkos S3 w/ PCEFI 10.5


So, I got pretty much things working: network, resolution of 1920*1200, NTFS access, .. in so far, if anyone who reads this needs help with such components, feel free to ask for help. but:


what i didnt get to work so far:


  • the 4870 does not seem to be working with QE enabled. When i try to enable it using OSX86 tools, it fails saying that 0 cant be put into an boolean.
  • Preview, the whole iWork and iLife Suite, they all display grey pages instead of photos or w/e im tryin to display
  • Neither my X-Fi nor the onboard ALC889A sound are working. i checked every jack with every single option in VoodooHDA panel, nothing. silence.
  • any acceleration of 3D/ Videos. VLC refuses to play HD media, cinebench cant run opengl, ..

What i tried to get these things working:

  • I used the "GraphicsEnabler=y" flag.
  • i used the gfxutil to build my graphic card's hex code and put it into boot.plist
  • i tried the Quartz Enabler for Exotics, nothing
  • i tried using osx86tools, but it quits all the time with this strange boolean error message
  • i used the terminaltrick to force enable QE; it gives the right values when checking, but doesnt seem to have changed anything.



Now, since im getting errors all over the system - osx86tools, lspci "cant find a working access method", .. i thought about reinstalling the whole thing.


now, what would you recommend? i liked the S3 release since it made my life so much easier giving me all those kexts, ethernet etc. ..


should i go retail? whats the recommended method to get a 4870 fully working with SL? Any tips on the X-Fi? I dont need the jacks, it would be absolutely okay if only i got the SPDIF out working.


I appreciate your help so much. Even if you dont know an answer to my questions, thank you for reading this. :mellow:

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