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  1. Hey Guys, I am using the following hardware: MoBo. Gigabyte EP35-DS3 CPU. C2D E8400 GPU. Gainward 4870 Golden Sample, 512MB, @Arctic Cooling Twin Turbo Sound. PCI-e Creative X-Fi Titanium Release: SL 10.6.3 from iAtkos S3 w/ PCEFI 10.5 So, I got pretty much things working: network, resolution of 1920*1200, NTFS access, .. in so far, if anyone who reads this needs help with such components, feel free to ask for help. but: what i didnt get to work so far: the 4870 does not seem to be working with QE enabled. When i try to enable it using OSX86 tools, it fails saying that 0 cant be put into an boolean. Preview, the whole iWork and iLife Suite, they all display grey pages instead of photos or w/e im tryin to display Neither my X-Fi nor the onboard ALC889A sound are working. i checked every jack with every single option in VoodooHDA panel, nothing. silence. any acceleration of 3D/ Videos. VLC refuses to play HD media, cinebench cant run opengl, .. What i tried to get these things working: I used the "GraphicsEnabler=y" flag. i used the gfxutil to build my graphic card's hex code and put it into boot.plist i tried the Quartz Enabler for Exotics, nothing i tried using osx86tools, but it quits all the time with this strange boolean error message i used the terminaltrick to force enable QE; it gives the right values when checking, but doesnt seem to have changed anything. Now, since im getting errors all over the system - osx86tools, lspci "cant find a working access method", .. i thought about reinstalling the whole thing. now, what would you recommend? i liked the S3 release since it made my life so much easier giving me all those kexts, ethernet etc. .. should i go retail? whats the recommended method to get a 4870 fully working with SL? Any tips on the X-Fi? I dont need the jacks, it would be absolutely okay if only i got the SPDIF out working. I appreciate your help so much. Even if you dont know an answer to my questions, thank you for reading this. :mellow:
  2. XBOX 360 slim or PS3 slim

    what you didnt mention is that the 360 reminds me a bit of a starting plane. its absolutely unbelievable loud. well, i'd decide with the games you play. some are ps3 excluse, some are 360 exclusive.
  3. yup, just install the ps/2 kexts and it should work. if you dont know where to find them, use pazifist to extract them from your osx install dvd, throw them into kexthelper and you should be fine.
  4. Updating iDeneb 10.5.5 to 10.5.8

    i dont have that binary here to look that up, but i guess what you're looking for is "ICHx", but x is meant as a placeholder here: in my case, you'd look for the ICH9 injector, since my board uses the ICH9 southbridge. Whats happening when you try to boot : osx , for some reason, can't access your root device, in other words: boot volume. Gringo told you to inject these drivers, so while booting, your system already loads up the drivers it needs to read your volume. if you dont know whether you're in AHCI or PATA (sometimes called IDE or compatibility-)mode, check that out in your bios. by default, most boards use IDE mode, while ahci is way more recommendable. sry for my bad english.
  5. Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    what does that dsdt.aml patch do, it forces X to recognize the card? could you give a brief tutorial on this?
  6. Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    [using this acc because the other one refuses to log me in] as far as i know, die aod250 is shipped with different chips. well, it seems i'm out of luck with this one. i might use my iphone as a bluetooth or tethered wifi, but this drains battery quite fast. any card with a reasonable price that will work OOTB in my d250?