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Memory failure?

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I was using my mac os yesterday And suddenly everything started to lag and all programs closed with an error looking smth like "cant use memory". Then i restarted my pc and it started booting from windows hdd (default boot hdd was set to mac hdd). Then i chosen to boot from mac hdd using f12, and then i got this kernel panic (attached to a post).

Today when i turned on my pc, it didnt show mac hdd at all even in bios. Then i connected mac hdd to another sata connector. After doing that mac booted and even os loaded up. But i was unable to do anything, only desktop showed up and few icons on desktop (dock didnt show up). When i tried to start anything from desktop i got an error "unknown error -10813"


So is this my hdd fault or MB fault or what could that be? I didnt install any new drivers or anything yesterday btw.


p.s. i can easily use mac hdd files from windows using mac drive.


My specs:


mb: gigabyte g31m-s2l

intel c2d e8400 3ghz

gf gts 250 1gb

4gb ram

2 hard drives ( Mac OS 500gb, Windows 750gb)


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Try pulling your CMOS and resetting all BIOS values to default.

This worked for me when my machine went crazy after I adjusted the RAM multiplier.


The hackintosh is extremely sensitive to voltages and multipliers, mine is anyway.

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