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Replace Expressgate (Asus Splashtop) with EFI Booter?

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Hi guys,

I wounder if it is possible to use the storage for Expressgate (Asus Splashtop) for a custom EFI bootloader?

Is it possible to use Asere BLN booter for example in this storage space?


I can't possible see the use of Expressgate. Who checks their mail in the morning if you are late for work?? Or watches youtube...


So Could this useless future be replaced with anything useful?


I found this:

it seems the updater will only accept dfi files



Not sure here but..I think it is a very small ssd storage of some sort.




I hope there is mad reverse-engineers here. Cause this would make the external usb/disc partition solution obsolete is the motherboard it self now could boot OSX without any additional {censored}. And save you 2$ :P




no, look to the right..yes..thats express gate/splashtop GUI.


so...can it be done?

Who is up for the task? :lol:

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