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Can I clone SL to an external MBR drive?

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hey got the following question: Since it is possible to install SL with the patched os installer to an MBR drive what does this actually do? I mean is that just for the install?


let's say I use CCC to clone my existing installation and well usually we dun use the efi partition either (the efi stuff we need is usually installed to the SL install drive it's just the installation that makes an EFI partition.) Could I just clone the SL install that's on my GUID drive and then run the netbook maker on that drive and recopy my extra folder and then boot from a USB MBR drive?


I am trying right now as I'm typing this I'm using ccc, but I would like to get some hints. Because if I can use MBR then I could maybe repair my netbook install after I've been stuck for 2 months using an SD card to boot my netbook because when I tried to install windows 7 I had to use a GPTfdisk and make my disk a hybrid with only the windows 7 partition visible (it wouldn't install otherwise dun ask me why I dunno.


I could use the same tool to make my whole disk mbr but I wanted a bootable back-up first to prevent me getting into more of a mess later.


Any of you know if mbr would have any sideeffects I am not aware of?



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