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VMWare to Native Partition

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I thought that all hope was lost when installing OS X from the DVD resulted in the Essentials Install error, until I found the VMWare to Native tutorial. This is my situation: on my laptop I have a 15GB partition for Windows and 20GB of unallocated space set aside for OS X. Obviously, I have Windows and VMWare on the 15GB partition and I want to install OS X onto the 20GB partition. Now, when the install completes in VMWare, and I reboot my computer, I want to be able to boot directly into OS X, I don't care about booting into windows, in fact, when I get OS X up and running, I'll be using diskutil to expand the OS X partition to span the entire drive. I am using the 10.4.6 image by the way. My question: will the Darwin bootloader take priority over NTloader after OS X is installed onto the secondary partition?


Any help is appreciated greatly!

Thanks in advance! :happymac:

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If you are going to get rid of xp right after you might as well do what i did. I tried to put osx on one partition many times and it never worked. Then I put all partitons back together with xp on the single drive and when I installed in vmware I selected to erase the WHOLE drive, and then installed. Everything installed fine, but exit vmware right after it restarts. Then start fooling around with the computer, like going into my computer and looking through your c drive or maybe even open vmware without starting the machine. Then you should get a huge error from xp, it will restart and if it gives you an error, set your partition active and voila OS X.

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Thank you very much! I installed via VMWare to my drive, rebooted the computer and am seeing OS X in all of its bliss :) . There is one thing that is troubling me however, when I open certain applications like: iChat, it crashes, and pops up with a window asking me if I want to reopen, report, or close. This also happens if I try to adjust my screensaver settings, and occasionally in safari. :graduated: Has anyone else experienced this?


Thanks again

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