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kext editing on linux?


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I am running ubuntu 9.04 right now on my hd. I have ideneb 1.4 installed on a usb drive, went decent during install, but came to the conclusion that while I may have chosen the right kexts, I may need to edit some of them with my device id's...


So, if anyone can point me to some software I can use on linux to this effect, it would be great!


I think the process I will need is as such:


1. extract contents of ISO

2. edit the kexts i need

3. re-roll the ISO

4. reinstall




1.mount my usb drive (ubuntu tells me it is read only, so might not be too feasable)

2. edit the kexts

3. then reboot off the usb drive and pray?


I can figure out how to edit the kexts myself, I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on

doing it from ubuntu or should I just install windoze and do it from their?


thanks ahead of time.

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