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P4 1.8, !G RAM, i845G: Will it work with OS X?

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My second computer is now running Linux, but I'm not happy with it.

I want to install OS X, but I'm not sure if the hardware is supported.


Intel P4 1.8GHz


Intel 845G Chipset with integrated Graphics


What about graphics support?

I installed OS X some time ago, but I was not able to set the resolution (only 1024x768 was supported).



Is this machine fast enough to play MPEG4 movies (720x576, 1200kbps with AAC audio)?

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I don't know about the graphics (off the top of my head I only remember Intel 950 some radeons. Though don't quote me on that) but the other is fine. I am running a Pentium 3 2.2 ghz.


EDIT: I am getting a Saphire Radeon X1600 AGP. That will allow you to play movies and do anything you want. So to get full video and hardware acceleration is to go Radeon. Go to the wiki and then under 10.4.6 go to hardware, then to graphics cards to check.

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