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Snow Leopard on DX58SO

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I have a unique set of problems:

1. I haven't used OSX86 in forever.

2. I have the Intel DX58SO Mobo

3. I don't have a DVD/CD burner (I can play blu ray though!) (I CAN burn a disk if i absolutely have to, but i'd really rather not at it requires going to my friend's house 15 minutes away)

4. Every drive in the computer is SATA.


So i need a ton of help getting OSX onto this beast. I'm currently cleaning out my 250GB hard drive to install it to, so i'll have the whole disk. I don't care what distro it is, just one that works, and works decently. I'm not using the onboard sound, but the soundcard i'm using is advertised as "Mac Compatible" so i would assume it will work with OSX.


System Specs:

Intel DX58SO

Intel Core i7 920 @ 3.6

WDC Blue 320

WDC 250

OCZ Vertex 30GB (will not be touching this drive with OSX)

Sony Blu-Ray drive

XFX HD4850 (OCed in BIOS)


Does anyone know where to even start with this mess i've gotten myself into? :/ I really wanna play with Snow Leopard, but i know it's gonna be hell to get on here. I have a good bit of time logged in hell though :)

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Go 5 or 6 pages back from the first one here and you'll find the way! - do a little more "work"


In that topic go to page 4 and 6 and you'll see is more simple then you think.


Off topic or on topic, i don't really know.

How is that, that you can burn a blu-ray and not a dvd ? I mean, you can burn something that is relatively new, but you can not burn dvds. What kinda blu-ray unit is that ? I'll understand that maybe it can burn blu-rays and read hd-dvds and not also write them, but not burning a regular dvd and a dl-dvd, how is that ?

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Lol, i can't burn anything. It'll read a blu-ray, and anything under the sun, but when i bought it, i didn't realize it wouldn't burn DVD/CD.


I felt really stupid after that too. I still haven't gotten around to spending $20 to get a DVD burner.


And thanks :mellow: I'll go look around and dig it all up!

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