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  1. Snow Leopard on DX58SO

    Lol, i can't burn anything. It'll read a blu-ray, and anything under the sun, but when i bought it, i didn't realize it wouldn't burn DVD/CD. I felt really stupid after that too. I still haven't gotten around to spending $20 to get a DVD burner. And thanks :mellow: I'll go look around and dig it all up!
  2. I have a unique set of problems: 1. I haven't used OSX86 in forever. 2. I have the Intel DX58SO Mobo 3. I don't have a DVD/CD burner (I can play blu ray though!) (I CAN burn a disk if i absolutely have to, but i'd really rather not at it requires going to my friend's house 15 minutes away) 4. Every drive in the computer is SATA. So i need a ton of help getting OSX onto this beast. I'm currently cleaning out my 250GB hard drive to install it to, so i'll have the whole disk. I don't care what distro it is, just one that works, and works decently. I'm not using the onboard sound, but the soundcard i'm using is advertised as "Mac Compatible" so i would assume it will work with OSX. System Specs: Intel DX58SO Intel Core i7 920 @ 3.6 WDC Blue 320 WDC 250 OCZ Vertex 30GB (will not be touching this drive with OSX) Sony Blu-Ray drive XFX HD4850 (OCed in BIOS) Does anyone know where to even start with this mess i've gotten myself into? :/ I really wanna play with Snow Leopard, but i know it's gonna be hell to get on here. I have a good bit of time logged in hell though
  3. Do you have a website?

    I assume that cPanel costs money? I'm going to go ahead and try to install WordPress now. It looks simple enough...
  4. Do you have a website?

    A cPanel as in a server???
  5. Do you have a website?

    I'll do all that after i get a new cable modem. Mine is near dying and needs to be replaced.
  6. Do you have a website?

    Does the 5 minute guide really take 5 minutes? All my copying has to be done over a network. My server is headless... Shouldn't be that hard... the WAMP root is shared over the network... and if i have to i can VNC into my server.
  7. Do you have a website?

    My site is now running on WAMP5! That was pretty easy! Now i just need to get my Blog going...
  8. Do you have a website?

    I don't really want a forum... that's what InsanelyMac is for. I just would like a blog and a commenting system (haloscan is okay but...). It looks like Apache has PHP/SQL built in. So now what? Go to the website and read the instructions.?
  9. Do you have a website?

    I'm running it off of a server at home. I could probably build it in if i had to.
  10. Do you have a website?

    Do these work well with Apache? I really would like a blog but I'm using iWeb and i don't really want to buy an iDisk (or to be more specific I WON'T buy an iDisk). But i would also like to stay away from coding as much as possible (a little is fine).
  11. Do you have a website?

    I have comments on the install page now! I really beginning to like iTweak!
  12. Do you have a website?

    Oops good point. I ment to make it link to OSx86 Project. I'll change that real quick. Fixed! I just decided to link directly to InsanelyMac since InsanelyMac links to the OSx86 Project.
  13. Do you have a website?

    I'm thinking about adding a blog to mine. just to keep people up to date on the OSx86 news. When i made my site i was trying to decide if it would be for Jailbreaking the iPhone or for OSx86. Guess it's kinda obvious which i chose. It took Google forever to find my site. It was up for a month before they found it and they only found part of it... so i came to places like here and YouTube to try and promote it.
  14. Do you have a website?

    WOW! I added that one to my bookmarks! That could be VERY useful for anyone interested in tech. Your site makes mine look like a grain of sand. FORUMS!!! I haven't even got comments lol
  15. I know that if you guys got Leopard on your PC you probably made a website too. I have one. It's an Install Guide for Kalyway. If you have a website feel free to show it off here!!! My site: Http://Leopardx86.homeunix.com (Yes it's a free domain name)