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Wireless Mini PCI Solution

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Hey everyone,


I'm still a noob to OS X on a PC, so please be patient with me... if you can! ... I'm also a noob to the forum!


I've got an HP dv1440 laptop which is the HP dv1000 series notebook. I've got everything in OS X up and running on it just fine EXCEPT for my wireless internet. My wifi card is the Intel 2200b/g Mini PCI card. I know this card does not work (yet) and may not work for a VERY LONG TIME.


So, I'm ready to upgrade it! I have read a TON of posts and I feel like a Broadcomm would be my best shot.


I know HP supposedly uses BIOS whitelisting of hardware parts to block out some NON-HP hardware but I don't know if that's true. I also know that HP actually MAKES a Broadcomm Mini PCI wireless card FOR my exact computer. It is listed in their replacement document as:

802.11b/g Broadcomm. The spare part number information listed is:



My OS X installation is currently version 10.4.7 from the JaS update DVD to update the JaS 10.4.6 version.


I am ready to buy and start setting up my Mini PCI wireless card, but I want to make sure I get the right one. So far, possible solutions I have found are:

dell DW1450

broadcom 4309

Broadcom BCM94309MP 802.11 a/b/g Mini PCI WiFi card

Trendnet TEW-441PI


I'm not sure if those will all work for sure or not, or if there are other better solutions out there to my problem. I've checked the HCL in the Wiki but there really isn't much listed for 10.4.6, and I'd love to have a card that HP will not blockout in the BIOS whitelisting.


If anyone has a DV1000 from HP and can tell me how they got wireless, I'd really appreciate it, or if anyone has any idea what I need, I'd really appreciate it!!


I've been trying to find a solution to my issue for 3 days, but I haven't gotten much feedback.


Thanks SOOO much for helping out a noob. If I can just get this wireless working I will be fully set up, and ready to go to college next month! :D


I'll check back in this new topic a lot, and also check my email (AuggieFisher [at] gmail [dot] com) and my PM's!


Thanks so much :D :D :)

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The broadcom 94308 works out of the box on OSx

I was in the same boat as you, an HP with limited card ability.

The big problem I had was that my compaq X1000 (AKA an HP ZT3000) would only like certain broadcom 94308s, even different HP branded ones wouldn't work. <mutter>

I'd managed to gather quite a few of these silly things off Ebay before I finally discovered a workable solution.

The whitelisting only started after a certain version of the BIOS (after F34) and the fixes between F34 and F55 wasn't anything I was too concerned about so I downgraded my BIOS and now I can use any network card I like.


Anyway, if you have/can find a working broadcom card, use it. OSX likes the 94309 and they're cheap on Ebay (I was getting them for about $15 each)



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Thanks a lot man, any idea about how to know which Broadcomm will work, other than the 4309? I managed to find one on eBay that is listed as HP and a 4309 and even has the right product number on the sticked that is listed from HP, you think that will guarantee functionality or no?


Also I wanted the 108mbps support because my router has it, so I was thinking about an Atheros 5212 card, but it is Mini PCI Type III and my notebook says it supports Mini PCI Types I/II but nothing about Type III.


Can anyone confirm that it won't work? Thanks again Sky

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Dell mobile def won't work with the HP. Damned BIOS will see to that.

As for what will work, I'm not sure. I've got an HP card here with an HP part number, but it seems to be the wrong one and the BIOS blows chunks on it.

I even bought the same revision of the card, but again the part number was different and it didn't work.


Best bet is to find a forum for your laptop and see from them what works.

Or maybe HP will tell you?


Good luck with it.



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Thanks guys. I appreciate your help, once again! Here is the link to the eBay listing I found:



The shipping is a bit steep but that's ok. Anyway, the guy has given me a guarantee on my BIOS not blocking it, meaning that if my BIOS does block it he'll refund in full. But, if you look at the close-up/high(er) res picture of the card, you will see in the very top green part of the card, white writing. The writing says "BCM94306MPLNA REV: 4"


I dont know why I was so sure it was the 4309 but apparrently it is the 4306. Will this 4306 still work with simple plug n play? Or will I need to do something to work, or will it not even work at all?


Thanks again for the help, especially you Sky! And of course DiaboliK!!

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